Be a Ninja for the day – Fun-Jitsu Birthday Parties for ages 5-8

Be a ninja for the day with fantastic new Fun-Jitsu©Birthday parties!

Your child and their friends will love being little ninjas and have a birthday to be treasured and remembered for years to come.

What happens at a Ninja Party?

Everyone will learn the fundamentals of being a ninja, such as speed, focus, and strength!

Sensei Emma a karate black belt, master of fun and creator of fun-jitsu© parties, leads your childs special day ; she has years of experience of working with young children. She may also be ably assisted by 1-2 assistants (depending on how many children are attending).

1. Making your own Headband

To begin, all trainee Ninjas will design their own headbands to use and keep (little ones will be helped/supervised).


2. Punch! Block! Kick!

We all do a few brief warm-up exercises before going through the ninja moves: Punch! Block! Kick!
The birthday child is the focus of attention as the special Sensei for the day.
The trainee ninjas will then test their skills with Sensei Emma and her assistant(s) who will be holding the foam pads & blockers.

3. Birthday Tea

After completing stage one, the ninjas have a 30-minute break to enjoy the birthday tea (not provided).

4. The Birthday Cake Moment…

This is the moment when all eyes turn to the birthday child. As the candles are blown out, Sensei Emma allows the birthday child to use her Samurai Sword to cut the cake (don’t worry, it’s not a live blade). Cameras at the ready!


5. Games and fun

The children will be given designated ninja names and the fun continues… All ninjas will have lots of fun with Sensei Emma as they tackle sparring and punching through paper – how many sheets can you break through?
They will also battle their way through various games, competing with each other doing ribbon & sword sparring using fun inflatable swords! Finally testing their skills to the max when it comes to breaking boards – Haaaiiii!


6. Party Takeaways!

All children receive:

  • Their own Ninja-in-training certificate
  • Personalised Ninja Headband
  • Voucher for a free karate class
  • Ninja Tattoo

The birthday child receives:

  • Ninja-in-training t-shirt
  • Special Medal
  • Their own Ninja-in-training certificate
  • Personalised Ninja Headband
  • Voucher for a free karate class
  • Ninja Tattoo
  • Ninja Present off Sensei

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I book my party?

Parties need to work round existing karate classes, so please call to check availability and book early to avoid disappointment! On Saturdays, these times are available: 12pm, 13.30pm and 15.00pm

During school holidays:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday : 10.00am – 2.00pm

Where can parties be held?

Ninja parties can be held almost anywhere! Village halls and community centres are ideal however this will be subject to Emma doing a risk assessment ( don’t worry she will arrange this )

Who can have a ninja party?

All ninja parties are tailored to the ages of the children from 5 years upwards, giving them different challenges depending on their age and ability.

We offer age-related packages for children up to 8 years old, featuring lots of games, exciting competitions and loads of fun, showcasing unique ‘ninja skills’ for everyone to enjoy.

It is easy for everyone to get involved, parents will also love the chance to join in.

What to wear?

Ninjas should wear comfy clothing and can go bare foot or wear suitable footwear (i.e. trainers or pumps).

How much does it cost?

  • £140 for a 1.5 hour party of up to 20 children.
  • Each additional child is £5 per child.
  • A £30 deposit secures your booking. The balance can be paid on the day of the party.
  • Parties outside of Cardiff will cost more to cover travel.

Optional Extras

  • Ninja medal  £3 per child.
  • Ninja personalised Birthday Cake:
    10″ – serves 40 – £40
    9″ – serves 30 – £30
    8″- serves 20 – £25
  • Ninja T shirt £5 per child.

For more information please call or email a month or two before the intended date of the party

Tel:075 2595 3201 

For information on Karate Classes please CLICK HERE

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