Childhood Obesity – Could schools be doing more?

Boy in playground

This is a collaborative post to highlight research conducted by ESP on childhood obesity.

With over 1,000 children being referred to hospital as a result of obesity, and 1 in 3 children between the ages of 2 and 10 being overweight, these figures are truly alarming. Regardless of who is to blame, schools are being encouraged to increase and improve physical activity in the playground as every child deserves the right to a healthy lifestyle.

As parents we worry about our child’s health and well being, we would be silly not too! After reading statistics provided by ESP regarding physical activity at school I was shocked to find that the report demonstrated that “68% of a child’s PE lesson is spent stationary”. The report went on the mention that the amount of physical activity in schools is at an all time low.

I will admit I have never really thought much about P.E in schools. I know the boys have P.E on a Thursday and In conversation, my sons have informed me that some days they do gymnastics.

I am aware the school takes a walk to the local park once a week where they can have a play and run around. The school playground also boasts a range of wooden climbing frames and water play tables which my youngest son adores!

mud kitchen

My boys are very lucky. Schools in the City may not have this luxury.

So how can schools improve its physical activity?  Firstly, I think it is important to have age appropriate areas of play such as ,Early years play or Primary years play. At my sons school they have areas for nursery, infants and juniors.

A school could invest in some new playground equipment? Playground equipment has vastly improved over the years and gone are the days of chalking hopscotch on the floor. Today you can add playground markings. The markings you get today are pretty impressive with markings like footwork chess, football zones and even mathematical number grids!

marking on the floor of playground

If schools were to invest in some new equipment I am sure it would make P.E time more fun and perhaps more children would want to get involved.

Sun, rain or snow, as a family we love to get outdoors.

Playground in the snow

We are a very active family and on the weekends we enjoy nothing more than going climbing up the hills and exploring local parks.

Family beating childhood obesity

Again, we are very lucky to live out of the city. Most country walks have a playing area where the kids (and adults) can go wild.

We enjoy anything to do with climbing! Trim trails, climbing walls and play towers. If a park has climbing equipment we are there!!

For more information about the research conducted by ESP on childhood obesity please check out this link 


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