Training for the 2K Family Fun Run

As most of my readers are aware the Welsh Mummy Blogs family have signed up to take part in the Kidney Wales 2K Family Fun Run.

We are a fairly active family but since signing up to take part in the 2K we have been putting on our trainers and heading over the park more than usual.

My six year old son and I have even started jogging most evenings and afternoons! We really enjoy this time together.

My son running

Running together as a family with children can be very rewarding when done correctly. Whilst training with my sons for the Kidney Wales’ 2K Family Fun Run, I try to keep some things in mind:

Set small targets – even though running seems to come quite naturally to children and they enjoy it, a 2K run can be quite daunting at the start. To keep children interested and make it an enjoyable experience, it sometimes helps to set smaller targets during the run and create mini-games. Challenging them to overtake their dad or seeing who can reach the next tree the quickest turns the run into a fun activity and keeps them motivated.

We have been using a football to play a running game. Each family member takes it in turns to kick the football as far as they can and then we all chase after it. It gets our heart pumping and my younger son really enjoys it.

Be prepared – no matter how short the run, it’s important to stretch well before and after. Sore legs or feet won’t help and can discourage children from putting their trainers back on anytime soon. Getting the right shoes is also a must as they are still growing. Plus, who said stretching can’t be fun?

Keep your cool – alternate between running and walking to create a healthy balance. Pushing my children to run continuously is not going to help them. I like to encourage them and take it at their own pace. Pushing them past their boundaries is only going to lead to strops and tears.

Take a step back – the little ones can become quite competitive and push themselves. Although it’s important not to push them and understand their boundaries, it’s nice to let them test their own endurance. Plus, it’s a real reward when you feel like you’ve completed a run, whether it’s for a race like the 2K Family Fun Run or as part of training – finishing the run creates a real confidence boost.

Make it a family affair – going for a run with children can give you some one-on-one time with them. It’s nice to create a healthy habit that turns into a family thing. During the run we have plenty to discuss, from the colour of the flowers we pass to the snack we are going to have when we get home!

Want to come and join us and put a spring into your family’s step? Registration for the Kidney Wales 2K Family Fun Run closes soon, so don’t wait for too long.

For just £18 the whole family (of 4) can challenge themselves and take part in the 2K Fun Run through the streets of Cardiff City Centre.
You can register at:

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