Meet the Welsh Bloggers 2019 – Mama does Ballet

Mama does Ballet

Today I interview Alicia, writer of Mama does Ballet.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Alicia author of Mama does Ballet. I am 35 and live in Mold, North Wales with my husband and 2 girls.

What is your blog about?

My blog is all about dance, since dance pretty much takes over our house! I used to dance until my late teens when I stopped, a social life was calling!

Fast forward 13 years, and after taking my eldest to baby ballet classes, I rediscovered my love for dance, and started adult classes. My youngest isn’t dancing at the moment, but my eldest is still, and they both do gymnastics as well. I have recently started studying to become a dance teacher, as dance is my passion, and i never want to be without it again! So i have the unique view point of being a dancer, a dance mum and a dance teacher, always something to write about!

What/who inspired you to start a blog?

I initially started blogging when my youngest was around 2. There’s less than 2 years between my girls, and I found it hard just doing normal things, so it was a way of me writing down and making sense of my thoughts. During this time, was when I started taking classes again, and I had my light bulb moment! Dance was something id denied for so long, and now it empowered me! It was something i did just for me, a way of self care, and so slowly the blogs started taking on a dance theme and i went with it!

Mama does Ballet with her daughters

What challenges have you faced whilst blogging?

The biggest struggle I find with blogging is meeting like minded people here in North wales. The bigger, more populated and diverse cities have well established blogging networks, with lots of events and opportunities to socialise. Here in sleepy Mold, the network just isn’t the same, and it can be lonely.

What are your 2019 blogging goals?

My goals for this year are to expand the reach of my blog. I really envisage it to be a place where dancers can go for all sorts of information about dance. Towards the end of the year, I plan to launch some ballet and dance inspired subscription workout videos and courses. I have started a dance gift and accessories line, so want to integrate that onto the blog. I also am currently designing a planner specifically for dancers! Not much then!

What are your social media links?

I have 2 social media profiles. One is directly linked to my blog, and the other is my personal dance account, where I also document general fitness and healthy lifestyle alongside dance.

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