Our first Christmas just us four – Is it ‘normal’ to feel sad?

Christmas 2016 is the first Christmas that I have not spent with family; that’s not including my husband and two boys.

We have always spent the Christmas Holidays with immediate family and sometimes Grandparents and Cousins. These Christmas’s are filled with great memories, laughter and some years tears.

Christmas 2016 is different; this year it is just us four in the Welsh Mummy Blogs house. Me the hubby and boys are spending the Holiday at home together. Although it sounds relaxing I must admit, that is not how I wanted things to be.

I love the Christmas Holidays when family get together. Every year we as a family gather around the dining room table to eat, pull crackers, talk about the year and remember those who are no longer with us. We could be spending Christmas day or Boxing day at my Mother in laws, Mothers or my own my home.

There is usually little space and someone always ends up on a plastic patio chair but that is what makes it fun! The house is filled with sound of happy children, Christmas tunes playing and the TV is usually turned up loud to drown out the sound of children fighting over new toys.

The whole house smells of Christmas, bucks fizz is popping and you will always find someone chilled on the sofa watching Dr Who with a Baileys after Christmas dinner.

This is what Christmas is all about!

Don’t get me wrong, I have really enjoyed this Christmas with just us four. I have loved watching the boys open presents whilst in my PJ’s make up free! I really enjoyed helping them build LEGO and reading lots of stories to them. I have loved to watch what I want to watch on TV (and fall asleep) I have loved that I was able to cook dinner in my own time and not have rush around making sure everyone had a drink but I must say…I missed family and the family chaos.

Over the years people have started to do there own thing and it gets me quite sad. I dont care if I have to sit on the floor to eat my Christmas dinner or watch some terrible film on TV because others want to…I dont care If I have to clean up after everyone and stand in the kitchen all day cooking up a feast…I do this because I love Christmas and even more I love my Family!

This Christmas has been great but there is only so much lazing around I can do…I am actually getting a little bored, we dont drive so with no buses its a pain. Being stuck in for 3 days with nowhere to go and no visitors has really got me all feeling all mehhhh….probably why I have decided to write a random blog post even though I am on my Christmas Holiday haha.

Today (Boxing Day) we did go for a lovely walk and I got to go for a jog whilst the kids played in th park so I suppose all ain’t that bad.

Next year we might just go away for Christmas, failing that I think it would be lovely to invite someone into our home for the festivities who has no family to enjoy Christmas with.

I would love to know how you are spending your Christmas?


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