Beaker Creatures Super Lab – Review

My boys were recently sent a Beaker Creatures Super Lab to review

We have had awful weather recently and with it constantly raining we have been staying indoors over the weekend and my boys have been soooo bored.

Luckily, the boys were sent a Beaker Creatures Super Lab. We decided to review the lab this weekend.
Learning Resources Beaker Creatures liquid reactor super lab is suitable for ages 5-9.

Beaker Creatures™ combine the amazement of learning through science with the anticipation of surprise collectibles.

There are 35 Creatures to collect, from five different planets. My boys will love building an out-of-this-world collection!

And one day we may be lucky and uncover one of the rare 24-carat Creatures?

The lab itself comes in a large box. Everything has a place in the box so it’s pretty easy to tidy away after playing.

  • 15-piece lab set includes:
  • Two Beaker Creature Reactor Pods
  • Two Classification Cards
  • Two double-sided Mini-posters featuring amazing science facts and fun images
  • Two Hydroplungers
  • Two Beakers
  • Liquid Reactor Super Lab base
  • A set of tongs and a stir rod
  • Experiment guide featuring step-by-step instructions for five experiments
  • Full-size poster for display

Assembling the lab is very easy. You just click the bits and bobs together. Make sure the plastic tubes are properly connected to the lab system otherwise water will leak.

The boys had so much fun using it! It was really easy to clean afterwards.

Check out our YouTube videos for a full review! Please note – in the video I referred to the lab as Beaker creations lol.

These are the two collectibles we discovered

The lab can be used to do other fun experiments too!

Beware the Whirlpool!
You will need: • Several drops of blue food coloring • Water

Whirlpools come in all shapes and sizes: a giant sea storm (called a maelstrom) down to a mini
vortex of water circling the bathtub drain. Make one of your own by creating enough force to
send your creatures reeling!

Know this! A whirlpool results when several currents of water push against each other.

The rotational force pushes the water outward and then in a circular motion. Around and around it
goes, swallowing all in its path!

Slime Time
• 4 oz. container of glue • Food coloring (2 drops) • 1 Cup shaving cream You will need:
• 4 Tablespoons contact solution • 1 Teaspoon dish soap • Bowl • Stir rod

Your alien visitors enjoy playing with slime—they call it “evergoo” on their home planet. We have no equivalent natural substance on Earth. It’s strange! Roll your creatures around in this cosmic ooze to help them feel right at home!

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