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Archie's Allergies

We were recently sent some badges from Archie’s Allergies to review #AD #Gifted

As most of my readers are aware, my youngest son Harrison was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease earlier in the year. It has been a real learning curve for us as a family and Harrison has had to make some big changes to his diet.

School and family are aware of his illness but mistakes still happen. It was only recently that we discovered the Vimto squash Harrison was drinking at nanny’s contained barley! Harrison has also come home from school with an upset tummy and when asked what did he eat, he tells me biscuits off a teacher!

Now, I am not blaming school, there are many teaching assistants in Harrison’s school and I don’t think they all know about his condition. As a mum I do over worry, but I knew something had to be done about these mistakes.

I have had a chat with the school but he still gets ill. I thought there must be something I could do to ensure his condition is recognised. I started to search the internet, surely someone has come up with a badge or something that would inform people of allergies or Coeliac Disease? Luckily I found Archie’s Allergies.

Archie’s Allergies was set up in 2019 by a determined mother of a child with fatal food allergies. The Non-Profit Organisation is aimed at providing support to families dealing with food allergies and reinventing the approach at solving some of societies biggest challenges. They offer Allergy Aware Products.

As the founder of Archie’s Allergies, I know all too well how difficult it is to have a child with food allergies and how everyday things can be so difficult to get on with. 

Once it was confirmed Archie had his allergies I wasn’t offered any support on how to manage his allergies or anywhere I could turn to when I felt I was the only one going through this with my son. Everything I’ve done for Archie has been out of passion to represent him as an equal in today’s society. 

We want to improve local services on a national level and our vision is to see families with food allergies rise above the stigma allergies has attached with it, to move forward and lead happy, more positive, less worrying, allergy free lives to their full potential.

 Charlotte – Founder & CEO of Archie’s Allergies

I got in contact with Charlotte, founder of Archie’s Allergies. Although they didn’t have Coeliac Disease badges, Charlotte was happy to make one for me. Charlotte also said that if in demand, this was something she could add to her product list.

​I was sent some stickers and badges. The badges are well made and have a clasp on the back. The stickers are great to put on school uniform tops and clothing. I especially liked the “My Name Is: My Allergies Are: labels, I have attached the labels to Harrison’s lunch box and school bag. We even received an allergy badge to wear on Halloween!

The “Be Careful, I Have Coeliac Disease” badge is brilliant. Harrison wears the badge on his school uniform top. The badge is clear enough for people to take notice. I really do think the badge will remind teachers of his condition.


Archie's Allergies

Archie’s Allergies not only supply products, they also have a website which is full of helpful advice on how to approach your school. Archie’s Allergies has a support group and offer to go into your child’s school to discuss allergies with not only the teachers, but pupils as well.

Its a fantastic charity, the allergy aware products are amazing. I am really happy I found them online. These products could save lives!

For more information and shop, please visit –

Facebook – Archie’s Allergies

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