Baby College – A complete developmental workout

Baby College classes are for babies from birth to 3 years. Classes include a carefully designed mixture of physical, multi-sensory and cognitive games, exercises and activities including music, dancing, signing and much more – all designed to cover every aspect of your child’s development.

The structured programme provides a complete developmental workout. It helps to build the strong neural pathways that are vital for early brain development and all subsequent learning. At the same time Baby College also offers you a useful insight into baby development so you can learn all about your growing baby.

Infants 0-9 months
Weekly topics and a gentle and complete programme suitable even for newborns. In the infant classes, gentle exercises are taught to help replace your baby’s infant reflexes with more mature responses. Fun multi-sensory stimulation helps them to learn new skills.

Toddlers 9-18 months
Building on early development and exploring this new and exciting world, your toddler will be fascinated by the world around them. Additional learning themes and new skills are introduced. An active class that promotes language and social skills and body awareness.

Juniors 18-36 months
Encouraging and supporting independent learning in preparation for nursery. Now even more active, emphasis is placed on encouraging confidence in their social skills and growing more independent. Using varied, fun and stimulating games, you can ensure they are ready when it is time for pre-school.

I caught up with Emma who runs a Baby College in Swansea & Neath and the surrounding areas.

Emma is mum to 2 beautiful girls; Catrin and Eryn.

As a parent, I found Baby College to be different to other baby & toddler classes. Fully interactive, I was involved at every step of the class and able to strengthen my bond with my children. The science that underpins Baby College offered me an insight into how my children were developing and how they interact with the world around them giving me confidence in my baby rearing decisions. Finally, Baby College gathers people together with a common interest and a common goal – the development of their children and the desire to bond.  I met some really great people and made lasting friendships.

You and your little one can book termly block sessions. Emmas classes are held in the below venues –


St. Paul’s Parish Centre, Swansea
10 am Toddlers
11 am Infants

Gorseinon Institute, Swansea
1.30 pm Infants
2.30 pm Toddlers


Cadoxton Community Centre, Neath
10 am Toddlers
11 am Infants


Upper Killay
Upper Killay Rec. & Community Hall, Swansea
1 pm Infants
2 pm Toddlers

For more information please email Emma – [email protected]

Fancy running a class yourself?

There are currently no Baby College classes running in a number of areas including Cardiff. To find out more click HERE 

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