Bonfire Night – Keep Safe

Remember, remember the 5th of November.

So tonight is bonfire night. Families around the country will no doubt be stocking up on hot dogs, burgers, firewood and fireworks. All ready for some bonfire night fun.

But are we being safe?

I remember getting really excited about bonfire night as a child. My parents would always invite the neighbours over for some fireworks and a party.

They probably spent a fortune on Catherine wheels and bangers!

I never felt fearful of fireworks and I always saw them as fun, that was until I became a parent myself.

A grown up me now sees fireworks as dangerous. Why on earth would I want to handle and explosive!

There’s no beating around the bush, fireworks are explosives.

Explosives are dangerous and they need to be handled with care or by professionals.

One year my dad got his hands burnt and spent bonfire night in A+E.

I’m not saying don’t have fun on bonfire night but be mindful of those around you and be safe.

Fireworks can be scary and unsettling for elderly neighbours and pets. Those who have been in the armed forces may also feel nervous and edgy on bonfire night.

Instead of using fireworks at home why not attend a display? There are a large number of displays going on and they are usually very cost effective – much cheaper than buying your own!

If you do decide to use fireworks at home. Make sure little ones and pets are well away from them – I used to run into my kitchen when a firework was lit haha!!

Above everything else, keep safe and enjoy your evening.

Happy bonfire night all!!

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