Breaking the Lockdown ‘Routine’ – Sleeping tips for children

Sleeping tips for children. World Sleep Day 2021.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a personal post about home life. Lockdown has had its ups and downs and I feel this has dampened my love of writing, I mean no one really wants to hear about me watering plants and binge watching Netflix.

Lockdown has been incredibly tough on my 8 year old son. He developed anxiety in January 2020 and then this only become worse when the World was faced with Covid. I have written about this in a separate post, this can be found here – 6 Signs Your Child is Suffering from Anxiety | Families Online Blog

With the anxiety has come a sleep problem. A problem that we have tackled head on but that’s not to say its been plane sailing. Lockdown hasn’t helped.

Anxiety is at the top of the list for his sleep problems, however, there are contributing factors which I shall raise in this post and I’m sure other parents can relate to.

Lack of routine
Too much screen time
Lack of exercise
Snacking to late

That’s just to name a few. I feel in lockdown I have become tired, I’ve personally struggled with my own sleep routine, anxiety, and I feel as though I’m being spread to thin. To sum it up, I need a break.

With this lack of motivation I’ve found that our ‘normal’ sleep routine has gone out of the window. Bed times are later, meals are later and the amount of snacks my children are eating are out of this World.

A lack of sleep may cause:

  • Accidents and injuries
  • Behavior problems
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Mood problems
  • Memory, concentration, and learning problems
  • Performance problems
  • Slower reaction times
  • Overeating

With the country slowly coming out of lockdown, I knew something had to be done.

The biggest challenge I’ve faced is screen time. I always said I wouldn’t allow my children to become obsessed with online gaming, however, I must admit, Its very easy to ‘give in’ when tired, and technology has been a saving grace during these challenging times.

My Sleeping Tips for Children

Go for a daily walk or exercise – Burn up unused energy.

Limit the snacks – Too much food, especially before bed, can interrupt your sleep patterns.

Wind down at least an hour before bed – Read a book or talk about the day.

Write away your worries – Journaling is great for children.

Create a restful sleeping environment – Ensure the room is a comfortable temperature.

Keep regular sleeping hours – Going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time every day will programme your body to sleep better.

Listen to a meditation story – My son’s are really loving Honeybee Kids at the moment.

I really hope my sleeping tips for children will help. For more information, please head to – Sleep Disorders in Children: Symptoms and Treatments (

Love always,

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