Cardiff Family Left Feeling Angry – School admission’s 2016

If you are a parent you will know how important it is for your children to attend the same school as there siblings…if that is not a possibility you want your child to at least attend a school that is close to your home (within catchment) Many families move to specific areas in Cardiff to ensure there children get into good schools.

Parents who applied for a school place starting this year online found out if they had there chosen school place on 18th April and then parents have until May 6th to accept or appeal a decision.

However, it was not so straight forward for one Cardiff mum.

My friend has been left feeling angry and unsure after her son was not allocated a primary school place in her local area.

My friend put down two school choices, 1st choice being the school in which her eldest attends which is just outside the catchment area and the second school being the nearest school to her home…she didn’t get either.

At first she phoned school admissions who then told her all the schools in her catchment area are over subscribed and she was asked to look at other schools.

Some of these schools are in Ely, Fairwater, Canton and Cathays to name a few. My friend lives on Cyncoed Road and her eldest son (year 3) is in a school that is close to her home.

If my friend is to take her child to a school miles away from her home she will be forced to give up work just to make it to school run everyday, as a result of this her family will then face financial hardship with only one wage coming into the home.

The family has contacted the head teacher at the eldest child’s school,  MP , South Wales echo and have considered moving in with parents or renting another property.

Here is a statement from the family


The family have considered getting a solicitor to appeal this which again costs money and adds stress. They have until May 6th to appeal this or move home…

What would you do in this position? Do you think they have been treated unfairly?

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