Due date fast approaching? The BBC needs you!

Is your due date fast approaching? Are you to become a mum for the first time? Are you a mum about to give birth again? The BBC needs your help!

This may seem like an odd request…I was just as shocked as your about to be when I found that celebrity Connie Fisher wants to experience a live birth!

I am really not kidding.

Connie Fisher will be presenting a documentary early next year. The documentary will sensitively handle all aspects of parenthood; from IVF conception, same sex couples to those who have experienced mental health related illness such as postnatal depression.

Without giving too much away about the documentary (which is going to be fantastic might I add) Connie is now looking for an open minded mum who is willing to help.

The birth of a baby is a special and unique experience, Connie wants to be witness to mother nature at its best.

So whether you are opting for a calm home birth or water birth, Connie wants to witness this in a sensitive way that is comfortable for you.

If this sounds like something you wish to be involved in please email Emily – [email protected]



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