Free Support For Parents During Lockdown – Helping families juggle work, school & play

Voluntary post to support families during lockdown.

A new online initiative has been introduced to help families juggle work, school and play during the lockdown period with guidance from some of the country’s top experts in child psychology, diet and nutrition, and education.

The Zoono Family Panel is a free online resource offering advice to parents on how to keep their family healthy and in a positive mindset. Through informative articles, insights and videos from a panel of leading industry experts, the Family Panel aims to help parents with the daily challenges they face during the lockdown.

A top educational and child psychologist on the panel will advise on the emotional challenges each family may be facing, and how to best manage deep emotions, such as stress, worry or grief. For many, the sudden lifestyle change will be taking its toll on mental wellbeing, so guidance from a psychologist to support during this time of change is vital.

A leading education expert and former schoolteacher will also be on hand to offer advice to parents, many of whom have been thrown in at the deep end and are now homeschooling their child or children. This will include articles and videos on how to keep children motivated and in a positive mindset throughout the day, and how best to structure lessons at home to make it easier for parents to juggle teaching with their own commitments.

A registered dietitian, child nutrition and fitness expert will share wisdom on healthy eating and keeping active during the lockdown, particularly on maintaining a balanced diet when certain foods are hard to come by or when parents are trying to keep shopping trips to a minimum.

Finally, a germ and antimicrobial expert from Zoono, who has a full understanding of how bacteria, virus and parabens work will advise on the best way to keep homes rid of germs and offer tips on how to avoid them from spreading.

James Milnes, Managing Director at Zoono, said: “We have been working hard to supply our antimicrobial products to protect thousands of families up and down the country. But we didn’t just want to stop there. Protecting the wellbeing of families is our priority and, while parents are already doing an incredible job, we wanted to assemble some of the UK’s leading childcare experts to support them even further through this unprecedented time.”

Our experts are all either a parent themselves, or work with children every day, so truly understand the challenges that many parents are currently facing. We hope that by offering their expertise and insights to parents as a completely free resource, we can help thousands more families over the weeks ahead.”

Meet the experts on the Zoono Family Panel:

Hannah Abrahams

A Child and Educational Psychologist of 15 years

and former Primary School Teacher

Hannah said: I specialise in working with children who may be experiencing separation anxiety or who have experienced loss, change and transition in their lives. It’s wonderful to be part of this initiative from Zoono, which will help so many families trying to navigate the huge amount of change in their lives during the crisis.”

Sarah Almond Bushell

A Registered Dietitian and Children’s Nutritionist with over 20 years’ experience working with families through the NHS and private practice

Sarah said: With supermarket trips limited, we want to help parents maintain a healthy diet for the whole family and give advice on any food issues that may have developed during lockdown. For example, if children are now emotional eating or snacking much more because they are bored. The Zoono Family Panel is a fantastic idea to support parents and I am proud to be part of it, keeping the nation fit and healthy.”

Natalie Costa

A Leading Education Expert and Former School Teacher

Natalie said: There’s no doubt that we’ve all been thrown in at the deep end in suddenly having to adapt to become our children’s primary educator. By now, many parents will have settled into a routine, but some will still need extra advice. I’m delighted to be part of the panel, offering useful tips to keep children motivated and enjoying learning from home.”

Pippa Hobson

Zoono Germ Expert

Pippa will advise how to kill bacteria and viruses from skin and surfaces, and the best ways to teach children about germs.

Pippa said: “Many parents will be cleaning their homes more than usual, so we will be sharing advice in accordance with NHS guidelines on how to keep their homes clean and free from bacteria, plus some genius ways to teach children about germs. With knowledge comes power!”

Parents can gain free access to the Zoono Family Panel on the Zoono website:

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