This goes out to every child struggling to cope with foster care

Every child deserves to grow up in a happy family without feeling deprived of physical and emotional needs. Most children who find themselves in the hands of foster care do not get to enjoy all these needs. Some face discrimination from other kids due to lack of knowing their roots leading to trauma. Having to relocate from one foster home to the next brings anxiety and distress to a child.

You may be placed in a great foster home but still feel an empty gap within. The many setbacks that foster children go through are often ignored. If you are in such a situation, we will help you know how to cope with foster care to reduce the frustrations and uncertainty.

Understand your rights
Even if you are a minor, knowing the decisions that the legal representative are making will help you a lot. Ensure that you talk to them so that you find out the details of your foster care terms. Understand that your safety should be a priority in foster home.

Sometimes, children in these homes find themselves physical abused and emotionally tortured. Fear and threats may prevent such a child from speaking up on the poor conditions at home. Don’t suffer in silence when your caseworker can save you from violence. You have a right to food, clothes, health, and privacy. Ensure that you are getting all the necessary needs.

Know what is expected of you

Even if you are under foster care, you have a role to play in making it habitable for you. Co-operate with those in authority such as foster parents and a social worker. Do not violate court orders since this can lead to harsh conditions. Be an obedient child at home and learn how to get along with fellow siblings as you work hard in school.

Be open with your foster family
Open up to your foster family and make them aware of what to do to promote harmonious living. Enquire about things that may not be clear to you, for instance, particular rules that you may not be familiar with. Request them for things that you may require for your school projects or social life. Be honest with your siblings and let everyone know that you are ready to accept the new home with gratitude even though it may take time to adjust.

Communicate with your social worker regularly
Get support from your social worker so that they can update you on your case. Share your progress with them and lay down everything they need to know regarding your future. Work together with them to ensure that they don’t make crucial decisions without your consent.

Avoid self-blame

Blaming yourself for being taken away from your birth mother may cause depression. Most foster children may end up abusing drugs to relieve the stress caused by self-blame. Delaware addiction recovery is a reputable institution that will help you cope with drug abuse and mental conditions. As a minor, some things are beyond your control. Instead of blaming yourself, work with facilities to get assistance.

Make use of school counsellors
Finding support from a counsellor at school will help you deal with harsh conditions at home. Expressing your emotions to an adult enables you to find solutions to problems. Confide in someone you can trust as you enrol in a mentorship program to build high self-esteem. A counsellor can also intervene in a situation where your foster parent is mistreating a child.
Express your personality through creative ways.

Get something that you use to express your feelings to others. Learn to transform your pain into an inspiring piece of art or a song. Sometimes, writing, painting or singing helps one get past their feelings. You may not have the skills to do it but can learn more about your hobby from a class or any group in a similar niche. Interacting with others in such group will make you get past emotional trauma. It will also keep you busy to avoid ill thoughts.

Find loyal friends

Your siblings may feel threatened by your presence at home but finding constructive friends keep you going. Get your sense of belonging from friends who don’t discriminate you because of your background. A friend will always be there to listen to the problems you may be encountering at home and encourage you. If you are the shy type, start building confidence by reaching out to others. You can use online sources such as social media to make buddies whom you share. common interests

Help others
Use free time to help someone who needs some assistance. Volunteering your services in an orphanage or donating blood will make you feel useful. It raises your self-esteem even if you may not be paid for your services. You can also earn a job opportunity from volunteer work.

Get a part-time job
Instead of enjoying free time, use the few hours after school to find a part-time job. This nurtures independence skills so that you can learn how to survive by yourself. It also boosts your confidence by interacting with customers. You can open a savings account to start depositing something small from your job earnings. The earlier you learn how to manage finances, the better your future will be.

Set future goals

Do not let foster care hinder you from dreaming big. Understanding that the situation is temporary will keep you focused towards achieving your dreams. Give your best in academics and look for valuable opportunities to lay a foundation for your future. Apply for an internship or a scholarship as a way of securing your independence.

Start adulating at an early age
Acting mature from a tender age will help you earn respect from foster care. Teach yourself about adult responsibilities and implement them while young. Do not let the presence of a caregiver at home make you lazy. Practice cooking your own meals when you get the chance. You can also learn how to take care of your health. Work without supervision and teach yourself to stay organized.

Final thoughts
The challenges of foster care may be more than a normal home, but it should not be a limiting factor to your success. Convert these difficulties to opportunities for you to learn something new and avoid negativity. Cultivate good behaviour so that your foster family can admire and be proud of you.

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