Keep bored kids entertained, make a movie – Batman V Superman

Rain again…really!

Today we wanted to get out of the house, go to the park or just go for a walk…anything really.

We were all sick of being stuck indoors, summer holidays are hard enough without it raining all the time.

Last week I found a film clapper board which I had bought ages ago, it was hidden under Ethan’s bed. I had some fabric which was left over from a wedding I attended and some felt tip pens…I had a plan.

Lets make a movie boys!!!

First we had to set the scene.

Using the pens I drew some batman themed bits on the fabric to make a Batcave.

Next, we needed costumes!

Ethan wanted to be Batman (actually its a storm trooper costume but to Ethan…its Batman) Harry wanted to be Superman!

‘Woo hoo boys, we can play out Batman V Superman!’

The boys are far to young to have actually watched the adult movie so we improvised. 

We had lots of fun making this.

Why not try making your own movie?

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