My mornings are like the movie Groundhog day – Hello floor, Hello kitchen sink…

Being a mum can feel a bit like your living in the movie Groundhog day at times – Hello floor, Hello kitchen sink…Mum…Mum can I have this and can I have that.

I love my boys don’t get me wrong and I love being a mum but boy sometimes I just want to scream!!!

Summer holidays are a blessing and a curse, the thought of late nights and fun times with my boys sounds great but then you have the bad days which make us mums feel like we are losing the plot.

My mornings are a bit like the movie Groundhog day  – I wake up to the boys pulling at my hair. I don’t respond…I pretend to be sleeping. Harry pulls at my eyelashes…’Mum…Mum…you awake?’ My eyelid is pulled up…’Oh there you are mum, your awake now’..’.Come on let’s go down stairs’ shouts Ethan.

And so it begins…

7am really…I need coffee. Kettle on, TV on (annoying cartoons) open the back door…I need my coffee in peace. I make coffee and go in the garden. I try to lock backdoor from the outside…I know they will disturb me soon.

‘Mum…Mum…where are you?’

Arghh I think to myself…leave me in peace please!!!

I hear them banging at the backdoor, its like a scene from the walking dead. ‘Muuuummmmm…we know you are out there’

I imagine this

They eventually escape and are now in the garden with me.

‘Come on boys back inside’ I say

Breakfast – coco pops, milk and multi vitamin squishy chew x2

Kettle back on…Mamma NEEDS coffee.

Walk in living room whilst boys eat breakfast…this is my only chance to mop the floor and polish in peace.

Get Hoover out…how can there be so much mess???

Get my mop out…’Hello floor…not seen you since last night when I mopped you after Harry attacked you with juice…Hello’…I give the floor a wave…Yes I’m a little strange but I could be talking to the wall so we are all good.

Shirley Valentine movie – Hello wall!

After I mop the floor for the first time today, I walk back to the kitchen to find bits of cereal on the table and floor. Harry laughing with his bum out…’poop bum haha’

Operation kitchen clean up begins. Boys go back into the living room…walking all over my still wet floor.

I am called from the kitchen ‘Mum…Mum…I want this…look…look’ shouts Ethan. Oh here we go, kids channel adverts, how every parent enjoys them!

I want I want I want….Boys start arguing ‘No, I’m having that because I’m a big boy Harry…You can have Paw Patrol because you are a baby’

Harry cries, he comes running and sliding on the wet floor to me. Winge winge winge.

Arghh my head might just explode today. I start to think of the scene from the movie Hook.

So that is how I start my day…I wonder what I will be doing tomorrow??? Hahaha.

Does your life feel like groundhog day sometimes?

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