The ‘No More Worries’ Kit – A kit that lets you give your worries to the fairies!

My eldest son is a worrier. He worries about all things children worry about, from being scared of the dark to worrying about school. It’s not nice to see children worry and sometimes us parents feel deflated in our efforts to help with certain things bothering our children.

The Irish Fairy Door Company has developed a genius product in which we can help our children with their worries.  A kit that lets you give your worries to the fairies!

The ‘No More Worries’ Kit is the perfect way to express your feelings and give your worries away.

Place your thumb on the included ‘No More Worries’ Mini Plaque and think of your worry. When it glows red, the fairies are listening. When it turns green, you know they have taken your worry away!
The Mini Plaque has an extendable cord and clip so you can bring it with you and use it anywhere!

The Kit also includes Conversation Cards which help open up a conversation comfortably with a grown up about what is worrying your child, plus a Feelings Journal where they can express themselves and their emotions freely.

The kit is fantastic an although priced at £17.99 it may be a little pricy for some, its well worth it!


In this video my son is using the ‘No More Worries’ mini plaque.

He loves it!

More information about the kit:


  • Portable and discreet to help deal with worries on the go
  • Super easy to attach Mini Plaque
  • Simple conversation-starting ideas with Conversation Cards
  • Encourages children to express feelings and emotions freely
  • Empowers children to ‘let go’ of worries

Batteries included.

To order your ‘No More Worries Kit’ please CLICK HERE 

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