Once Upon a Time Online – Our alternative fairy tale ending

Once Upon a Time Online

Promotional post for Plusnet, Once Upon a Time Online #AD-Gifted

Larry Lamb teams up with Plusnet to re-imagine a trilogy of classic fairy tales for the digital generation.
Larry Lamb re-works classic tales – Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and little Red Riding Hood – For the modern era. The new tales aim to help parents and kids enjoy story time in the digital world, with modern families having less opportunities to spend quality time together. The new campaign provides a solution for busy parents and tech savvy children to enjoy classic fairy tales with a 21st century twist.

Once Upon a Time Online re-imagines some of the nation’s most well loved classic tales, moving them into the modern era for young digital natives.

The series, developed for children under 10, has been launched by Plusnet to show how technology is a good thing for parents and children’s shared desire for family story time.

As 25% of parents admit to changing the story lines of classic tales to fit today’s values, the series puts a new spin on the timeless morals from beloved tales and tells them through a modern-day lens relevant to today’s digital world. The three stories reflect the language and lives of digitally savvy youngsters who’ve grown up online.

Our challenge was to re-imagine our own ending of a classic fairy tale and boy did we have fun doing this! The Welsh Mummy Blogs family loves the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, we decided to change the ending of the book and instead of the giant trying to eat Jack, Jack and the giant become firm friends and even leave the beanstalk so that Jack can pop in and see his friend whenever he wants.

We did try using the Read N Create app, but the boys wanted to draw their story in the drawing book we were supplied. So, instead of creating our Once Upon a Time Online story, on the app, we read a few stories.


To start our alternative ending, I wrote down the boys story and then Ethan drew the pictures, whilst Harry helped put on the stickers. The boys loved interacting with each other, picking colours and trying to match the pictures up to the story.

Our Jack and the Beanstalk alternative ending is below:

I smell the blood of an Englishman.
Be he alive or be he dead,
I’ll grind his bones to make my bread”

Jack was getting very scared, but he had a plan!

Jack had a potion that could take you to different worlds. That had to be better than silly GOLD COINS!

Maybe this potion could save Jack from the giant?

“Please don’t eat me” said Jack
“I have something you might like” Jack took out the potion.

“What does it do” asked the giant
“It can take you anywhere you like!” said Jack.

The giant took Jack and the potion, and both Jack and the giant went on an adventure.
They saw space, ate lots of yummy food and even grabbed a pot of GOLD!

“You are quite a nice person Jack, I am sorry I tried to eat you. Can we stay friends?” said giant.
“Of course we can!” said Jack.

So in the end, Jack did not cut down the beanstalk, instead he used it every week to visit the giant.
They all lived happily ever after.

The End.

There are currently three stories available to watch on Plusnet – CLICK HERE 


Good things happen to good people…

Cinderella has dreams of being a famous singer, and a hit talent show is coming to town. Sadly, her stepmother and stepsisters teased Ella about her appearance, telling her that no filter in the world could make her a star. But Ella gets a helping hand from her fairy godmother and is able to go to the show and sing her heart out. As the clock strikes midnight, Ella flees before the magic filter can wear off and anyone finds who she really is. She leaves behind one of her trainers, which gets stuck on some gum and slips off her foot. After an online search goes viral, the shoe finds its way back to Ella, and fits her foot. Ella is told never to be ashamed of who she is, and it’s not long before everyone knows her name. She goes on tour, singing to huge crowds every night, with #nofilter.

Jack and the Beanstalk

You should never be afraid to follow your dreams…

Jack and his mum live in the quiet countryside, where Jack longs for adventure. With no money for food, they must sell the family cow, so Jack puts it up for online auction. He sells the cow, but then something catches his eye – a “magic beanstalk” for sale that could change his life forever. Jack places a bid for the beanstalk…and wins! There’s a knock at the door later that day and Jack opens the door to find an enormous beanstalk, reaching into the clouds. Jack starts climbing and finds himself in the the lair of a terrifying giant. Jack befriends the giant, gives him a helping hand in how to sell things on his favourite site and heads back down the beanstalk. Upon his return, Jack’s adventure vlog becomes an internet sensation, earning enough money to buy all the family groceries.

Little Red Riding Hood

Don’t judge someone until you know the full story…

Red’s grandma is worried about her new neighbour, and when their video call cuts off one day, Red visits to make sure everything is okay. She journeys through the woods to Grandma’s house, where Grandma explains that her neighbour is a wolf who howls all night. Red goes to investigate, but finds that the wolf isn’t vicious at all, he’s just having teething problems in his new home. Thanks to his clumsy claws he’s sliced his TV aerial and broken the oven. He can’t watch his favourite shows and is starving. Red buys the wolf some mittens on her tablet (next day delivery), streams some TV and orders food. They spend the evening scoffing pizza and watching cat videos.

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