Our Time4Sleep Fort Building Challenge – A Better World Starts with a Blanket Fort


The Welsh Mummy Blogs family was recently challenged by Time4Sleep, a bed and furniture company, which is aiming to build the biggest blanket fort this August. The event will take place on August 29th in Leeds, the hope is to break the current world record.

Over two days, a team will head out into Leeds armed with tools, scaffolding, and a never-ending supply of blankets, attempting to beat the current record of 625.79 m² (6736 ft² 136 in²).

Everyone is welcome to join and witness the fortress take shape, however, if you cant get to Leeds! How about taking part at home?

To get inspiration for how to construct a fort, Time4Sleep has kindly gifted us a big box of fort building goodies!

My box contained:

  • Fairy Lights
  • Bunting
  • Wooden Pegs
  • A Torch
  • Popcorn Boxes
  • Popcorn
  • Bed Sheets
  • Chalk Board Sign
  • IPad Stand
  • Blanket Fort BookTime4Sleep

We really wanted to build our fort outside, however, with weather being what it is in Wales, we decided to make a fort indoors on a rainy day.

To start, we had a read of the blanket fort book. The book was very useful, however, most of the forts featured in the book needed extra bits. A tripod would have been epic but we didn’t have one.

Instead we opted for a good old fashioned table and chairs. Once the table and chairs had been covered by the bed sheets it started to resemble a little nook. I used some of the wooden pegs to peg the sheets together and then started on the bunting.


The bunting was easy to string together, It was plain so you could decorate it if you wished. The boys liked it plain.

I pegged the bunting on with the wooden pegs and then worked on the lighting. Inside our box we had some beautiful battery powered fairy lights. They were very easy to string inside the fort and added a magical touch.


The boys then headed upstairs to find their favourite blankets, pillows and books. I popped open the popcorn boxes and filled them with some gluten free treats.


The boys were quite simply in heaven! They had a read of some books, and then watched a movie on their tablet, making full use of the IPad holder.

I suggest everyone has a go at making a fort. We had so much fun making it, we will definitely be making one again!

For more information about the Time4Sleep Fort building event, please visit – https://www.time4sleep.co.uk/blanket-fort-event

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