Parenting – Tips For Helping Your Kids Balance School & Sports

If anyone ever told you parenting is easy, they did not have any children. Our children are the only people we know busier than we are. Kids go to school all day. They average 6 hours of homework per week. They have sports, a social life and an expanding world to learn about.

Guess who gets to guide them, teach them, console them and encourage them? You do.

To some children school seems easy. To others, it is a struggle. That is okay. Of course, you encourage them to do their best but the world is filled with many professions. Every person has the capacity to be great at something and not all students will need to know all subjects. So teach them to do their best.

Give him the tools he needs
Talk to him and his teachers. You know your child better than anyone. Do not let them label him. He may be accused of being lazy but the problem may be he simply does not understand.

Tips for helping your child
Work with him and find out how he thinks and what distracts him.
Teach him how to use the built-in tools on the computer. Set up files for each class and use the online calendar to remind him of tests and sporting events.

Do not force him into an uncomfortable and ineffective position.
You may work best in a quiet location. This may help you concentrate. Your child may grow restless and stressed by a quiet room. We are not suggesting that your child be allowed to watch cartoons while trying to study but sometimes music or the sound of a fan running can calm a child and he can relax enough to get his work done.


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Reward growth
When a child masters a technique that works and he uses it to balance his life, he should be given high praise. You could take him on a nature hike. Maybe you can make treat bags to hand out to his team. You can order a variety of sugar-free bulk candy. If you are concerned, they can be sugar-free and allergy-friendly.

Sport is a physically and emotionally demanding activity. In the world of sports, you have an obligation to the other members of the team. It is important to understand that it is not just your child. There is a whole group of children depending on each other.

It is important that you let your child know he will have to keep his school work up and his chores done if he is going to have time for the team. Do not hold it over his head as a weapon. If you see him slipping, ask him if he needs help and help him.

With little effort and cooperation, your child will learn how to balance school and sports.


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