Play areas may open in Wales from Monday 20th July – My thoughts

This morning I shared my thoughts on Radio Wales about the governments plan to reopen play areas.

On Monday 20th July, play areas in Wales may open to the public. Local councils will ensure that parks stay clean, but I have to be honest, I feel really uneasy about this proposal.

We have just been informed that we need to wear a 3 ply face mask when shopping and using public transport. Social distancing is still in place and its still ‘unsafe’ for gyms to open, yet the government are hoping to open play areas!

I am actually shocked, I think it’s way too early to be allowing our children to go wild in the park.

“Parents should monitor their children” I hear you say. I think we would all like to think this can be done, however, monitoring an excited child in the park is going to be difficult.

Our children have had their little lives turned upside down these past few months, they’ve not been able to see their friends, go to school or even give their grandparents a hug! They are going to be beyond excited to see the play area open and I feel Covid guidelines will go out of the window.

We’ve had to explain Covid and the risks, we’ve had to tell them that they cant go to the park, I’m sure parents can relate when I say walking past the local park has had its challenging moments. Can you imagine their excitement when the local park actually reopens!!

I understand that the Covid numbers are decreasing and the rate of infection has dropped. My only worry is that while social distancing is in place, surely play areas should remain closed.

In the perfect world parents would ensure that all children wear a face mask and sanitise their hands frequently, when playing in the park. Better yet, children would form an orderly queue, 2 meters apart,  but this isn’t going to happen.

I think its a bad idea, we should be waiting a bit more. There is no way of monitoring everyone that enters and plays in the park. If gyms remain closed and social distancing is still in place, then play areas (known for kiddy germs) should remain closed.

This is just my opinion, I would love to hear what other parents think about this decision though.

Will you be heading to the park on Monday??


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