Smoking in playgrounds

As an ex smoker people often ask me if people smoking around me bothers me…No. Adults smoking around adults is perfectly acceptable if you are in a beer garden or designated smoking area.

What bothers me are people smoking in playgrounds and around children. Children don’t need second-hand smoke in their faces while they play! As adults it is our responsibility to protect children from the damaging effects of smoking and educate them into making the right choices about smoking when they reach adulthood.

I have witnessed smoking in parks and directly outside the park gates in many areas of Cardiff and it really gets me angry, not only are there fag butts everywhere the smokers seem to sit on the park benches next to babies in prams and pregnant women.

I have recently come across a petition to ban smoking in parks, like me the lady who started the petition was angry that nothing is done about smoking in our parks in the UK.

If you are fed up of harmful second-hand smoke and fag butts in your local parks please take the time to sign and share this petition.

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  1. Ali

    I absolutely hate people smoking around children or in parks and you do see a lot of it. Absolutely disgusting! The trouble is it is so hard to police.

  2. Kerry Norris

    I will definetly sign this. I find it disgusting. I hate it when adults do it anywhere around children. Smoking right outside the doors of public places also infuriates me x

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