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I used to love opening my chocolate advent calendar as a child, I remember always wanting a second chocolate but listened to my parents and waited to open another door the following day.


Try telling that to a two year old!!

Day  One was difficult, I excitedly give the chocolate advent calendars to the boys. The boys are so excited…chocolate first thing in the morning is a rare thing in this house!

After opening the door to chocolate loveliness, they each enjoy the yummy taste of one small piece of chocolate….this is torture to any chocolate lover.

I take the calendar away quick, hoping they wont want more, secretly knowing they will want more and this has all been a massive mistake!

All hell breaks out…Nooooo….Mummy has took the calendar away….lets have a huge meltdown at 8am!!

Arghh…. its awful…I run out the kitchen and put the calendar up high, the boys come running behind me…there are tears, pleads and chants of MORE MORE MORE!!

I turn into stress head Mummy…I knew it was a bad idea, why didn’t I do a chocolate free advent calendar this year.

My four year old isn’t as bad as my two year old.  A toddler strop is the last thing I need first thing in the morning.

I think tomorrow we will open advent calendars after school!

How is everyone else coping with chocolate advent calendars this year? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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