The highs and lows week one – Schools out for Summer!

I have recently been hanging out with Connie Fisher, actress and singer, who won the BBC One talent contest, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

Without going into to much detail about the documentary I am taking part in which is due to air early next year; I am going to be writing a weekly post about the highs and lows of being a full time mum during the 6 week Summer break!

So here goes – This is what parenting is like in all its glory.

Day one, week one


Day one, aw so that’s were my plum tomatoes ended up! Squashed in my mop bucket…lovely…thank you Harrison I really enjoy all you do for me.  

#toddler attacks #huggieswet wipes

Thank you again Harrison for making my life a little easier.

Day two, week one

Yes!! There is nothing more amazing than walking into your bathroom to find #toothpaste Slime! I love nothing more than sticking my fingers into the toothpaste lid to get the slime out of there!

So after cleaning up the lovely toothpaste slime I see that Ethan has tried to help clean up by dragging toilet paper through the house.

Day three, week one.

Today was a good day to be fair, we went to the Open Air Theatre Festival to watch Aladdin. It was great!

However, although I look all smiles in the picture the little shite did not sit still throughout the whole performance. I had to try and contain my little gremlin on my lap as he tried to run on the stage.

Mr Grumpy

Day four, week one.

Day four starts off with another wet wipe attack. Hmmm maybe I should keep these out of the kids way??


Shortly after the wet wipe attack I walk into meal time maddness. Peas, rice and chicken has been chucked all over the kitchen! Again I should know better and perhaps monitor my little critters, but sometimes Mummy needs to take five!

Meal time madness

Day five, week one.

Fed up of being in the house all week, the sun is shining and I decide to treat the boys to a pub lunch. All looks good at first…

And then….

Toddler thinks the food looks much better on the floor, Ethan decides it pretty cool to run around while I pick up the food from the floor.  Everyone around me looks at me…shaking their heads. I either look like I cant control my gremlins or I am about to lose my mind…maybe a bit of the both!!

We headed home. All was okay until the boys went silent….every parent knows when kids go silent something is up. I walk out the kitchen to find them both with their hands in a tub of milkshake powder!!

Arghhhh…more cleaning for Mummy!

Day six, week one.

As most of my readers know I am trying to get Harry to use his potty (not having the best of luck)

So day six, its a sunny day and I decide to let Harry run about the house without a nappy on. Everything is going great, hes used the potty twice to go wee wee…I think we have this potty training sorted.

And then it happens….whilst on the phone to my friend I see Harry crouching down in the corner of the garden…hmmm…maybe he is hassling the woodlouse again? He walks up to me smiling…’poooooo’ he giggles.

I hang up the phone quickly when I notice something brown on his hand. Ewwww I find he has taken the mother of shites in the corner of the garden like a bloody dog!

I”m in operation mum mode, get toddler in shower, find old washing up gloves and get scrubbing!!

pooooooooooo…Potty training at its worst!!

Day seven, week one

Morning is going great, no problems just yet. Take Ethan to the doctors for an asthma review…all is good.

We get back from the doctors, its still raining. Kids are bored so I get the paper and colours out. They go silent…

I walk into the kitchen to find toddler has drawn me a lovely picture on the fridge…literally on the fridge…not paper, on fridge…the fridge!!

Lovely picture

Thankfully, the felt tip pen was easily removed with a wet wipe…and you all know I have plenty of them to spare 😉

So week one done…follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see what mischief these little gremlins get up to next week

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