The highs and lows week two – Schools out for Summer!

I have recently been hanging out with Connie Fisher, actress and singer, who won the BBC One talent contest, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

Without going into too much detail about the documentary I am taking part in which is due to air early next year; I am going to be writing a weekly post about the highs and lows of being a full time mum during the 6 week Summer break!

So week two of the summer hols…how you coping??

Me? Well this week has been a lot more enjoyable. Yes, we have had a few moments but this week has also been filled with celebrating and big bonus….Nanny babysat for a night!!!

Week two, day one

Toddler attacks kitchen with bitten toast, wellies and random banana. I think there is a carrot too!

Then Ethan walks up to me, ‘Can you fix fireman Sam for Harry….oh and Bob the builder is stuck behind the radiator…I could do with a hand mum’

Well, I didn’t know whether to laugh or tell him off for being such a cheeky little gremlin…LOL.

Week two, day two

We start off the day with ‘Mum…Mum…Mum. I would really like a Ben 10 watch please.’ How much???…Sorry mate but this is the best I can do.

Sellotape, loo roll and a Hot wheels lid! Sorted.

We got dressed, the boys were in for a treat today. Today we were off to Hamleys for a Superhero party  – click HERE to read the review.

Week two, day three

Today was another good day.

I got Ethan ready to go to a birthday party at a friend’s house. Richard (the hubs) was a diamond as always and looked after Harry so I could just take Ethan.

We both had a lovely time!

So yes, all is good in the Welsh Mummy Blogs house…for about 10 seconds!

The slime Ethan was given in a party bag ended up smeared on his bedroom TV!!

Luckily for me it just came away with no prob’s haha!

Week two, day four

Firstly we had to sort the important stuff. Richard is best man for a Wedding tomorrow so he had the duty of delivering all the suits to the grooms party. ‘No love, we don’t need a cab…the pram will hold everything’ say’s hubby.

Crammed up buggy…poor Harry 🙁

We come home and its meal time madness again!!

Random sunglasses and I am pretty sure that is Lego batman’s cape on the floor.

Week two, day five

Yay its my friend’s wedding day today which means the kids are to be babysat overnight whoooop whoooop.

Auntie Tash got him the REAL Ben 10 watch!!

The boys had a lovely sleepover at my Mums, whilst Richard and I attended our friends wedding.

Week two, day six

Ahhh heaven…I woke to no kids in the bed! Rich and I had a nice quite morning to ourselves which was really nice as we don’t get that often.

Week two, day seven

I think the boys have had enough of being stuck indoors. This awful rain makes it impossible to do anything if you don’t drive. So just to show Mum how peed off they are, they trash the bedrooms.

So how has your week been?

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