Toddler interrupts mum’s live interview with Alastair Stewart on ITV NEWS – Have you ever been in this situation?

Toddler Steals the Show on ITV News by Climbing Over Host’s Desk.

Alastair Stewart keeps cool as toddler climbs onto his desk and high-fives him on ITV Lunchtime News.

Today I spoke to Dot Davies on BBC radio Wales. She asked if I had ever been in a similar situation with my boys…Ahh yes! Many a time, from my toddler pulling his nappy down in the supermarket saying ‘Mum, I need wee wee…look’ or my Five year old having a massive strop whilst I attempt to talk to the doctor. Anything is possible when you have children present when you need to talk to someone or do something.

Although, I must say for me personally the most cringe worthy inappropriate time for my toddler to play up was when I was invited to the Senedd to talk to the health minster of Wales about perinatal mental health.

In the invite it read, I could bring children…bonus, I don’t have to worry about hassling my mum for free childcare.

As I entered the building I noticed that I was the only attendee present with a child. The staff had put on a lovely buffet of sandwiches and welsh cakes so I thought, great…I will just feed him with sugar if he starts to play up (Bad parenting tip No.1!)

All was going fine until I spoke to the health minister about some issues regarding perinatal mental health in Wales. In the corner of my eye I see sandwiches being thrown on to the floor.

Ignore it Charl, you are talking to a very important person here…remain calm… I told myself.

Well I must have turned bright red when I realised it was my two year old critter saying ‘ewww’ at the sandwiches and them throwing them on the floor.

So how do you react? Well I simply continued to talk to him as I really didn’t know what else to do!

Watching the clip of Alastair Stewart on ITV News just reminded me that kids will be kids, the way in which Alastair Stewart handled the situation was fantastic!

If you have not seen it yet…you need to!

This is the hilarious moment a little girl stole the show as her mum took part in a live interview.

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