Toy Donation or Bin! – A recent study suggests parents bin toys! #MyToyStory


This morning I spoke to BBC Wales from my home in the Rhonnda with regards to toys and toy donation.

A recent study suggested, most children have more than 200 toys each and some children get tired of playing with new toys in as little as 11 hours.

As my readers are aware, I have two sons aged 4 and 6 years. Like most children my boys have a wild imagination. They love playing with toys and enjoy having teddy bear picnics.

They both enjoy building things with Lego and playing with characters from their favourite TV shows.

They don’t spend a lot of time using a tablet, so they really do play with all their toys. When it comes to sorting toys, the boys don’t  want to part with them. I usually have a sort out, on my own, just before Christmas.


When sorting the toys, I put them into groups. Toys for donation and toys for the bin. This is how all parents do it, isn’t it?

Today I found out majority of parents actually bin unwanted toys! Just the thought of it makes me uncomfortable. If the toy is in good condition, why throw it!

I usually donate unwanted toys to a charity shop or I give them to my friends children.

Whilst taking to BBC Radio Wales, I also mentioned that I will shop for toys secondhand and in a charity shop. There really is nothing wrong with them! I save a ton of money and my boys know no different.

I am even guilty of wrapping up the odd toy from a charity shop as a gift.

It’s a win win situation, my sons are happy, the toys don’t end up in a tip and I am saving some money.

The British Heart Foundation has started a campaign which urges parents to donate unwanted toys this Easter. The campaign #MyToyStory is calling on parents across the UK to donate unwanted toys from 8-12 April as part of its campaign.

Whether it’s cuddly toys, train sets, pieces of Lego or board games, the BHF’s fleet of van drivers will be heading all over the UK to find your unwanted toys a new owner.

You can get involved by using the hashtag #MyToyStory on social media to share what toys you are donating.

I would love to see some of your donation pictures, please tag me @welshmummyblogs on Instagram 



  1. Catherine Coleman

    I recently gave loads of toys away through Facebook marketplace. I tried donating some but the charity shops didn’t want them!
    So I wanted to give them to a good home rather than bin them. A lady who needed them came and collected them. She did me a favour plus I gave them to her for free so win win for everyone!

    1. Post

      I have noticed some charity shops have stopped taking donations too! I have done similar on Gumtree, the collectors are always very grateful, although, I did have one man ask me for an iPad and PlayStation once lol!!!

  2. Donna

    I bin broken toys and some of the plastic crap you get from magazines but I donate anything decent. My mum has had some amazing bargains from charity shops that my daughter loves playing with.

    1. Post

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