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Last year my then three year old son Ethan and I wrote a letter to Santa. Ethan knew what he would like, but he was unable to write unaided. I ended up the writing the letter myself and Ethan just did a little scribble – This was not much fun for him.

This year I wanted to make writing a letter to Santa more fun. Although my eldest son is now four years old he still needs support to write; being a left handed boy dont help either.

My two year old Harrison is very active at the moment so I had to think of something that would keep him entertained. I collected some stickers from the kids magazines and cut out some toys from our old Argos catalogue.

I let the boys use them to make a letter for Santa.

The boys loved to pick the stickers they wanted.

It was easy to do and so much fun for the boys, they got to make the letters themselves with very little support.

They looked rather proud when we put the letters in the envelopes and sprinkled some magic glitter on them.

I love to hear your thoughts on our Santa letters.



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