2 months to plan a wedding! Bidvine I need your help!!

My friend gave herself 2 months to plan a wedding! I am not kidding 2 friggin months!

She thought it would be easy, I did try to warn her…you have to think of flowers, venue (if they have availability) cars, colour scheme, shoes, decorations, photographer, DJ and most importantly your wedding dress!

2 months! Really! Now if you were minted this could easily be done but then she says ‘we want to do this on a budget’ ARGHHHHHHH

So I volunteered myself to help out, I got married 2 years ago so still had a few contacts. I asked my friend what is the most important thing she wants out of the day? Other than getting married to the man she loves in a beautiful dress, she wants to have photos that will capture the day perfectly, pictures that she can look back on in years to come with a smile.

We are pushed for time, realistically we don’t have the time to go searching the net for photographers who can accommodate what we require on the budget we have.

So I took to Bidvine, whatever you’re looking for from a DJ to fixing a leaky tap, Bidvine helps you meet the right pro for your project. Easy communication makes hiring simple.

Its simple, Bidvine ask you a few questions specific to the type of service that you need help with. This helps pros understand what you need and gives a more accurate bid estimate.

Bidvine then send your request to trusted local professionals who can help with what you need.  You should get your first bids within hours. Pros have up to 4 days to contact you with a bid.

Bidvine share the answers that you provide to the service-specific questions, your general location, and pass along your phone number if you ask them to. They don’t share your email.

The questions they ask about your photography needs are simple enough for example;

  • Traditional
  • Candid – in the moment
  • Artistic – composition and lighting
  • Natural – outdoor setting
  • High fashion – focus on style
In what format would you like the final images?

  • Removable media (CD/DVD/USB)
  • Online or digital proofs and prints
  • Physical proofs and prints
  • Album
  • I’m not sure
Are there multiple locations for this photo shoot?
Will the photographer be asked to travel to multiple locations?
What is your approximate budget?
When do you need Bridal Portrait Photography?
Then you have the option to receive a text with bids or phone calls. I opted for a text.
Bids and profiles came though within a few hours and my friend was overjoyed!
If you are looking for something specific in your local area and you don’t have the time browse the net,  I highly recommend given Bidvine a try. You can give it a go yourself by clicking HERE  
Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post. All views are my own  

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