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I have just finished reading A Child Inside by Sharon Shaw.

A Child Inside: understanding, healing and freedom following childhood abuse and trauma, is written by Sharon Shaw, a respected psychotherapist; specialising in cases of childhood sexual, emotional and mental abuse. The book is written from a lived experience. Her early life is shared with readers in this remarkable book.

As a woman who has experienced childhood trauma, I could relate to this story. I could not put the book down, with mentions of a parents divorce, spiritual sensations (gut feeling) being a child who over worries (fearing death) feeling misunderstood and unheard; I felt as though the author and I had a lot in common. I was itching to read how the story would end. Can things get worse or is there light at the end of the tunnel for Sharon?

Now an adult woman with the language and training to explain and analyse her experiences of abuse, Sharon revisits herself as that damaged child, with the support of her personal counsellor, her mother and other important safe connections.  Sharon reveals a frightened child, lost in a world that was not safe for her, trapped in a body and with a developing brain that wasn’t yet mature enough to understand and articulate the horrors she was experiencing.

Feeling let down by society and those she loved A Child Inside explores the complex issues of trust and responsibility between adults and children, charting the progression from acute distress through cognitive and intuitive understanding and ultimately towards forgiveness.

I love how Sharon, explains the reasons behind her thoughts and feelings as a child. I am inspired by her ability to forgive those around her, for understanding, as an adult, how some people acted the way they did, as they too were hurting in their own way. This book has given me the strength to look at my own life and learn to forgive.

I am in admiration of her strength and courage. Shaw is a truly inspirational woman whose story needs to be heard.

I highly recommend A Child Inside, it is a fantastic read, I am really looking forward to reading Shaw’s next book.

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About the author:

Living in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Sharon Shaw B.Sc. spent five years training as a psychotherapist at Leeds Beckett University and now has over 600 hours of clinical experience in therapeutic interventions specialising in play therapy including a year at a local primary school and working with private clients.

Website: https://www.workingtowardscompletefreedom.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sharonandreashaw/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sharonshaw4731



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