Benenox Overnight Recharge – Can a supplement really banish the morning struggle?

2 weeks ago I was sent Benenox overnight recharge to try. With the product I was also sent a sleep diary to track my energy levels and sleep quality whilst trialing the product.

The extraordinary night time mindfuel is aimed at those who struggle with disrupted sleep, low energy and concentration levels the following day.

Since becoming a mum my sleep is often disturbed due to stress or my children waking me at night. I often wake feeling as though I have not slept! I will admit that the thought of taking a night time supplement to charge my day seemed like a con but I was very surprised.

Week one I recorded my sleep and energy levels without the night time supplement. I could see from the results that I had low energy and broken sleep.

Week two I recorded my sleep with Benenox. The first morning I woke after taking it was great…I woke a little tired but got out of bed hearing my alarm call where usually I would hit the snooze button. I got washed and dressed before putting on the kettle and felt energised.

At first I thought this must be in my mind…I have taken this wonder syrup, so now I feel great?!

I was wrong, on the second day I did the same. I felt energised and this went on for the rest of the week.

The supplement can be taken on its own or you can add it to some hot water for a delicious night time drink. I prefer the lemon and ginger flavour with hot water.

Benenox contains three ingredients –  Honey, Sustamine® and Vitamin B6 that boosts your stored energy levels to aid good quality sleep. So you feel fully recharged and ready to take on the day.

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Natural honey

A source of energy

Honey has the perfect blend of fructose and glucose to support your liver’s vital role in managing your body’s energy supply. Your liver turns these two sugars into a supply of glycogen which your brain needs to allow it to repair and restore mental function at night. With an adequate supply of glycogen, your brain won’t think that you’re running on empty and trigger a fuel crisis, waking you up in the early hours. And that means you are more likely to enjoy a better, more restorative night’s sleep.


Energy during sleep

Sustamine is a dipeptide that slows down digestion, allowing your liver to store even more glycogen. Basically, although you’re fasting while you sleep, the glycogen stored in your liver will still be available to fuel the glial cells in your brain. These cells provide nutrients and oxygen to support your network of nerve cells and fibres, helping them to transmit impulses between all the different parts of your body.

Vitamin B6

Supports the mind

Vitamin buffs know that B6 has some amazing benefits. It helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue, supports your mental function, and helps with that all-important energy production. It can help you to feel refreshed and revitalised from the moment you throw off the duvet, helping you feel more energised so you can perform at your best.

This product has surprised me and I will be buying it for myself and my husband.

To order you Benenox overnight recharge click HERE 

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