Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival, Seussical Jr is Unmissable!

The summer holidays are finally upon us and we have lots of activities planned to keep our little terrors occupied over the coming month, most of which I will be sharing with my readers.

To kick off our summer we attended the Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival.

The Theatre Festival takes place annually during the summer in Sophia Gardens. It’s a festival you will never forget. With great talent, food and a welcoming ambience, anyone who’s attended a performance will tell you they loved it!

The kids were excited when we revealed we were attending the event to watch an AndGo Production of Seussical Jr. The boys absolutely love The Cat in the Hat and my husband and I are big fans of Horton Hears a Who!

As we entered the event we were welcomed by the smell of great food and popcorn! The boys ran straight to the popcorn and sweet stand. We bought them an orange juice and popcorn each. The snacks were very affordable coming in at just £3 for both children!

After collecting our snacks and drinks, we took our seats. I have always loved the seating for the festival. With great views of a professional stage set in the middle of the beautiful woody Sophia Gardens, what more can you ask for on a summer day.

The show started. As soon as the boys saw Thing 1 and Thing 2 run on to the stage their eyes lit up! Smiling from ear to ear the boys looked at me with delight in their eyes.

My boys!!

The musical extravaganza is narrated by The Cat in the Hat, he tells the story of Horton, a kind-hearted elephant who discovers a speck of dust containing tiny people called the Whos. To protect them from danger Horton embarks on an adventure. Along the way he meets Mayzie, the mischievous Wickershams and the intrepid Gertrude McFuzz.

Rhian Holmes as Cat in the Hat & JoJo played by Becky Tonge/Lexi Ricketts

This magical performance was full of song, colour and laughter. I was very impressed (as always) with the fantastic young actors and stars of tomorrow.

With Cadi Mullane’s performance as Gertrude McFuzz being a favourite of mine. I truly believe her acting ability and beautiful singing voice will carry her to a long successful acting career. I am always blown away by her performances.

Another young actor to keep your eyes on is Jack Davies who portrayed Horton. I have seen Jack perform on many occasion and he always has the ability to captivate the audience.

Cadi Mullane as Gertrude McFuzz & Jack Davies who portrayed Horton

Ellie Hughes took on the role of Mayzie La Bird. Her ability to take on the role of a sultry, mischievous character was superb! She was a very talented dancer.

All the actors were fantastic and they made the performance great. All worked well as a team and that is what made this performance so special.

Bird girls – Amber Rowlands, Caitlyn Lever, Ella-Marie Connolly, Ffion Griffith, Georgia Tonge


The Wickersham Brothers – Llewys Brewer, Cerith Freeman, Piers Nihan-Bowen, Lewys Ringham, Morgan Thomason

The performance lasted 1hr which was just enough time as some of the children got a little restless in the summer heat.

I would recommend you reading a few Dr Seuss books before heading to the show as the performance is based on the children’s stories of Dr. Seuss, with most of its plot being based on Horton Hears a Who! while incorporating many other stories.

Seussical Jr will be showing at The Cardiff Open Air Theatre Festival until 28th July. To book tickets please CLICK HERE

The performance was fantastic and my boys loved every minute of it! But don’t take my word for it. Blogger Kelly Allen Writer has also written a review –


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