Cardiff Tank Talks – Only Burger and Lobster?!

So thanks to a fellow blogger I have had the opportunity to review Burger and Lobster – Cardiff tank talks.

My husband and I don’t get out that often with two sons under 4 years old, a meal out for us is a two for £10 at our local pub…Tonight was different. We made an effort and made our way to Burger and Lobster in the Hayes, Cardiff.

We walked up the stairs to the restaurant and was welcomed by the smell of really good food. The ambience was great I was amazed by the beautiful deco and space. I would of never guessed that a restaurant so glamorous and tastefully decorated existed in the Hayes, Cardiff.

We were welcomed by Amelia the general manager for the Cardiff branch, she instantly made us feel welcome and relaxed.

Amelia welcomed all who was attending the first ever B&L Tank Talk in Cardiff. There was 10 of us at the Tank Talk. The guests enjoyed a glass of champagne and I had an orange juice.

Amelia told us some of Burger and Lobster’s history,  I was surprised to find that B&L have only been going for 4 years…Started in Mayfair London back in 2012 B&L now have 9 chains in London, 1 in Cardiff, 1 in Manchester and 1 in Bath…they are due to open 2 more in London next year. They also have a branch in New York which can accommodate 350 enthusiastic Burger & Lobster lovers. B&L franchise has also hit Sweden, Kuwait and Dubai.

Amelia then passed us over to Connor the sous chef. Connor was to give us the low down on the food served at B&L. There is only 3 options on the menu The Lobster Roll, The Burger and The Lobster.

Connor was full of information regarding the produce. Firstly he took two lobsters from the tanks and showed the guests. Connor told us how you tell a male and female lobster apart and how to tell the age of a lobster…he even told us that lobsters urinate from their mouths!!

Lobster Low down

The lobsters are flown in alive and well from the Atlantic Ocean. The lobsters are kept fresh at the venue in the biggest lobster tanks in the restaurant industry. Lobsters are cleaned and checked individually.

With all that talk about fresh lobster we were geared up to try out first course…The Lobster Roll with accompanying Cocktail (non-alcoholic for me)

Lobster meat dressed in a chilled Japanese mayonnaise, served in a toasted brioche bun.

I did not try the brioche bun, instead I opted for lettuce wrapped lobster meat with the Japanese mayonnaise. I was impressed with how accommodating the chef was to my requirements, as they had no prior notice.

My Husband did have the brioche bun and had this to say “Wow the sweet taste of the brioche bun with the lesser sweet taste of the  Japanese mayonnaise made for a great mix, the lobster was fresh and tender”

We then had some table games, the aim of the games was to collect green and clear pebbles and at the end of the night see if you are team lobster or team burger.

Green pebbles = Burger                Clear pebbles = Lobster

After a fun table game we went on to the second course and accompanying Cocktail.

The Lobster – A 1.5lbs lobster half grilled and half steamed served with garlic butter for dipping, fries and salad. (The meal is intended to be shared)

We were giving tools to open the lobster and a plastic bib to protect our clothes.

I had never opened a lobster before, but lucky it was quite simple to dig out the perfectly cooked lobster.

The grilled lobster had a slight BBQ taste to it which was nice and different, I however preferred the steamed lobster. The steamed lobster had a more fishy taste, it was tender, a fresh quality specimen and went well with the dipping butter.

After that beautiful course Connor came back to tell us all about the beef we were about to try.

Burger low down

Corn-fed British angus beef reared in Nebraska. They make the burgers from the best three steak cuts which are then blended and minced together to produce there burgers. The burgers are served at 44°C and they have the science to serve the burger rare!

Whilst we all waited for our burger, we were entertained by Luke the bar manager and waiter Lemarl who made some delicious cocktails.  The cocktails were amazing, even the non-alcoholic version was top. Luke has been in the hospitality business for many years and cocktail preparation comes as a second nature to him. My favourite alcohol free cocktail was the “Hot Totty”

Our third course arrived The 10 oz Steak Burger and for someone who usually don’t eat burgers I was amazed. I asked for the meat to be well done and I was not disappointed, the meat was cooked to perfection. Very meaty and juicy.

We had a few more games and then collected our pebbles, I was team burger!!

The night was finished off with dessert which I was far to full to eat, instead I had a coffee which was really strong and tasty. My Husband had the dessert, he tried the cheesecake, however half way through he admitted defeat which is not like him haha. All in all the evening was so much fun, the tank talks are a great idea.


 The Tank Talks are going to be taking place every Wednesday during March at 7pm.

Tank talks can be booked for up to groups of 20. At £20 a head for three courses and three accompanying cocktails plus table games you cant go wrong.

 Tank Talks is an experience you do not want to miss out on.

Burger vs Lobster. it’s time to choose

#TeamBurger #TeamLobster  @burger_lobster

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My husband and I had a complimentary meal for this review.


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  2. hann182014

    This sounds like a great event. The tank talks look like a good option, but sadly there would be nothing suitable for me to eat. I don’t eat lobster or beef and there doesn’t look like they do anything else, even a veggie option. I love my cocktails and they do look really nice here. I can understand lobster being expensive, but I do think the £20 they ask for a burger is a bit expensive when they do fantastic burgers in Gourmet Burger Kitchen for at least half the price x

  3. Kerry norris

    What a great event. I haven’t been to burger and lobster in ages. I’ve always liked the brioche bun but I am partial to the burger too lol. Glad you enjoyed it x

  4. laurasidestreet

    Oh wow what a wonderful way to have a date night out and a little adult time – my other half really wants to go here and it does look fantastic but being a Vegetarian and I don’t think they have any options on the menu for me but may just go for a cocktail

    Laura x

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