Catipilla Scratcher – Cat Scratcher Review #AD

We were recently sent a Catipilla Scratcher to review #AD #GIFTED

Since Catipilla launched at the UK National Pet Show in 2017, they have sold thousands of Catipilla products to cat lovers, vets and catteries across the World

Their focus on innovative design and delivering high quality products that help cats lead healthier and happier lives is what makes Catipilla different to other pet suppliers.

Catipilla came about due to the deteriorating health of an elderly family cat called Smudge.

“At the age of 15, she lost the strength in her back legs and could no longer jump up and access our home through a ground-floor window. Her quality of life was diminished and we felt that we had to do something. To help, we built her a DIY ramp which improved her daily life and allowed her to continue to come in and out of home as she pleased.

Soon, however, we noticed that all 4 of our cats loved climbing up and down the frame and spent a lot of time relaxing on the higher vantage points. In order to support them all with a more stable setting, we built a second design which also allowed light to come in through the window.

Our second design got just as much use as the first but the wooden structure was struggling to cope with the demand of all the cats and was soon deteriorating due to the elements. In order to find a safer and more permanent solution, we decided to work with a design and manufacturing company to develop Catipilla into what it is today. We didn’t know back then that a small idea would turn into a fully-fledged, wall-mounted cat range.”

We were sent the Catipilla Scratcher – From £20.00

This scratcher provides our cat and kitten with the necessary tool to tone muscles, alleviate stress and keep those claws in pristine condition. Since we installed the Catipilla Scratcher our furniture has been free from new scratch marks, to be honest, the Catipilla Scratcher has been a god send! Both our kitten and cat enjoy using it. The kitten loves to climb it!

The Catipilla scratcher was very easy to install and I’m no DIY expert.

The Catipilla scratcher is made using the finest South American sisal rope, the scratcher is high-quality, easy to install, and can be rotated or replaced after becoming worn.

The Catipilla scratcher come in 5 different versions for cats of all shapes and sizes (50cm, 60cm, 75cm or 130cm or how about our new 35cm scratcher designed especially for kittens).

I highly recommend the Catipilla scratcher!

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