Doodle Doo by Tactic – Family Game #Review

Doodle Doo

Doodle Doo by Tactic, honest review #ad #gift

The Welsh Mummy Blogs family were recently sent the board game, Doodle Doo, to review. As my readers are aware, we love a good family game night. With tablets and game consoles taking over modern society, people are forgetting how fun family game nights can be!

Here you will find our latest game review.

Game description: 
Can you make it out of the animal maze? Place your pen on the game board, cover your eyes with a mask and draw! You can keep going until someone squeezes the fart cushion to let you know that you drew over the lines. The first player to reach the end of the maze wins!

Game details:
– 2-4 Players
– From 6 years and up.

What you get:
– 4 x Double sided boards with mazes.
– 1 x Whoopie cushion.
– 4 x white board pens.
– 1 x Blindfold.
– 1 x Cleaning sponge.

This game is really addictive, everyone wanted to have a go, even Welsh Daddy, who is usually less enthusiastic about playing kids games.

My eldest son (almost 7 years old) was pretty good at playing this game, I was not! I kept hitting the walls. My youngest son (aged 4) enjoyed playing, but he didn’t quite understand that he had to wear a blindfold! Welsh Daddy beat us all! I think he was cheating?!

The game has fast become a favourite in our house. The boys love to play it after dinner and they don’t need any adult supervision as the game is pretty straightforward.

My son Ethan (That Brother Show) has his review here:

To purchase Doodle Doo, please visit: Amazon 

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