Engineering Makerspace, Off-Road Rovers – STEM Learning fun!! #Review

Engineering Makerspace, Off-Road Rovers

We were sent an Engineering Makerspace, Off-Road Rovers for an honest review. #AD #Gifted

The Welsh Mummy Blogs family was recently sent an Engineering Makerspace, Off-Road Rovers to review. I am a big kid when it comes to building things, so when I was given the opportunity to review the Engineering Makerspace, Off-Road Rovers, I couldn’t say no. The chance to Build ten wild off-road vehicles and other machines was tempting.

Engineering Makerspace, Off-Road Rovers

My 6 year old son, Ethan, has been interested in building and inventing for a while now. I thought constructing the Engineering Makerspace, Off-Road Rovers would be something fun to do together.

The great thing about Engineering Makerspace, Off-Road Rovers, is that children get to build some fantastic vehicles while learning about belt drives, wheels, and tank treads. Engineering Makerspace, Off-Road Rovers is also powered by STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths) learning, which we encourage in our home.

Product Description:

  • Build 10 motorised models of different kinds of vehicles and machines while learning about belt Drives, wheels, and tank treads.
  • Models include a dune racer with tank treads that rambles over rough terrain, a four-wheel-drive ATV with a belt drive and high-grip tires, a conveyor belt, and many more.
  • Comes with a 40-page, full-colour experiment manual with step-by-step assembly instructions and scientific explanations.
  • Battery-powered motor box brings your models to life!
  • A parents’ Choice Recommended award winner

To begin, we took the 40-page manual guide and looked for the vehicle we wanted to build. The manual guide is very easy to follow with its step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Once we knew which vehicle we wanted to construct, Ethan found the parts and laid them to the side. As he is only 6, Ethan did struggle at times with the correct construction, however, I was there to lend a hand.

It took roughly 20 minutes to build our ATV 4WD. As soon as it was built, Ethan took pleasure in clicking the switch on the battery-powered motor box.

Engineering Makerspace, Off-Road Rovers

Witnessing the vehicle come to life was a surprise to us, I don’t think Ethan and I believed we had built the vehicle correctly!!

Next we decided to build the stair-walking machine, it was simple to build but when it come to stair walking, it failed. I think the problem was our stairs, the steps on our stairs are pretty big so the vehicle couldn’t quite get up the steps.

Engineering Makerspace, Off-Road Rovers

We are looking forward to building the Snow Scooter and Paper Plane Launcher soon.

Our review has been a good one, we highly recommend Engineering Makerspace, Off-Road Rovers for children (and adults) who love experimenting and learning!

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