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Crazy Eggz by Asmodee. #Review #AD-Gifted

I am really pleased that the Welsh Mummy Blogs family are part of the Blogger Board Game Club. Our job is to review some of the best family games on the market over the next 3 months. In exchange for our honest reviews, we get to keep our new games!

Crazy Eggz

Our first game on the list is Crazy Eggz.

Game description: 

There are eggs all over the place! You are the chicken, and you have to grab, stand, and hide these crazy eggs to get them. The players must act quickly based on the directions given by a die in order to get an egg. The first person to act correctly gains an egg, but sometimes the slowest person loses an egg.

When the top of the die is red, the first person to act correctly takes the egg on the stand, then rolls the placement die and places the egg on the indicated location of their body. When the top of the die is blue, the last person to act returns one egg back to the egg box. If this player doesn’t have any egg, nothing more happens.

The first player to collect five eggs wins Crazy Eggz (or the player who has the most eggs if all ten eggs are taken). Take as many eggs as possible, and be the best chicken of all!

This game was so much fun to play! I almost wet myself with laughter as I tried to hold 5 Crazy Eggz in some rather strange places.

The game states that it is suitable for ages 7+ and I can see why. Although my 4 year old did get involved and enjoyed himself, he found it difficult to hold the Crazy Eggz in the positions required for a long time.

My 6 year old loved this game. He even invited some friends over to have a game. It was EGGCELLENT!!

The highlight of the game for me is when you have to spin around, holding Crazy Eggz everywhere while shouting Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!!

Check out our video!!


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