Honest Burgers, Cardiff, Review – Best Gluten Free Burgers in Cardiff

Honest Burgers, Cardiff

We were kindly invited to review Honest Burgers, Cardiff.

Since my 5 year old son was diagnosed with Coeliac disease we have found it really difficult to adjust. This past year has been a real learning curve for us, I never realised that gluten can be found in most foods!

Shopping has been difficult, we are still learning what can and can not be eaten. Dining out has been a pain, we have avoided it up until recently. Our first meal out was awful, within an hour of eating what we thought was a gluten free meal, Harrison was violently sick. Second time was not as bad but we felt sorry for Harry as he could not have his favorite meal – Burger and chips.

Whenever we go out for food, Harrison has to have a jacket potato as chips and mash would usually contain gluten. Harry is not a fan of jackets but has no other option.

When we were invited to review Honest Burgers, Cardiff, I started to worry. Harry loves burgers, it would be a shame for him to have to miss out. Luckily, upon reading the menu online, I discovered that all burgers are gluten free! There is also an option to have a gluten free bun and to my surprise, I found the rosemary salted chips are also gluten free!

Honest Burgers, Cardiff, is located on Church St, just off St Mary St and High St. It’s opposite St John The Baptist Church and down the road from Cardiff Central Market. They are a 5 min walk from Cardiff Central train station.

Honest Burgers, Cardiff, supply great British produce. They use British cheese, British veg and British relish. Everything is homegrown and homemade.

As we entered Honest Burgers, our nose was met with the smell of fresh burgers. We were really hungry and the smell tempted our taste buds. I couldn’t believe how busy the place was! It was by far the busiest restaurant we had passed.

A friendly server showed us to our table, we sat at the back where there was more room. The server gave us our menus and then went to find some paper and colours for the boys.

The boys opted for a cheese burger, children’s meal. All of the same ingredients are served in children’s portions. The mini burgers come with rosemary salted chips, and all cost £5.50 with any juice.

Honest Burgers, Cardiff
Children’s Cheese Burger

Richard had the Chilli Burger – Beef, chilli cheese, jalapeno relish, lettuce, red onion and hot sauce with rosemary salted chips.

Honest Burgers, Cardiff. Chilli Burger
Chilli Burger

I had the chicken burger – Free range chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and mustard mayonnaise with rosemary salted chips. (I didn’t have the mayo).

Honest Burgers, Cardiff. Chicken Burger
Chicken Burger

The meals were freshly prepared in an open kitchen, all burgers are served medium (pink) unless requested.

The meal was amazing! Richard stated that the burger was very moist and moreish. I thought the chicken burger was a delight, the chicken was not over cooked (like most chicken burgers are) the salad within our burgers was fresh and the lettuce still had crunch!

The rosemary salted chips were the highlight of our meal. Crispy and fluffy on the inside, not at all oily. The rosemary salt was a delight on the tongue, not overly salty at all, in fact they were just perfect.

All in all the food, service and restaurant was amazing. The staff made us feel right at home and were on hand to help when needed. In my opinion, Honest Burgers, Cardiff have the best gluten free burgers going!

We will defiantly be heading back very soon.

For more information, please visit – https://www.honestburgers.co.uk/

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