Mother Hen Eggs – Meet the 16 year old entrepreneur providing South Wales with eggs!

At 16 years old I had just started college. I didn’t have a plan, I was more interested in going out with my friends. As an adult, on reflection, I really feel I wasted a lot of time during my younger years.

While most 16 year olds live the carefree life, Chandler Durbessich-Reed runs an egg business, Mother Hen Eggs, which sells a few thousand eggs per week!

I recently caught up with this truly remarkable young entrepreneur, I wanted to know what prompted him to start up a business so young?

Chandler said:
Last June I asked my parents for chickens and in the October I had 6 of them within my garden. After a few weeks of them settling in, they started laying in November.

One week I went across to my neighbours and asked them if they wanted the dozen which I had spare. They said yes and I made my first £4.
Within a few months I was selling to my whole estate and my own chickens weren’t enough to supply everyone.

My father knew a farmer who had chickens, I could expand and together we could keep the high demand happy.
From then the growth of the business was slow for 5 months, I was selling 120 eggs per week. However, I kept selling them during the summer holidays. I stared to offer free delivery within certain areas and by the end of the summer holidays, I was selling over 500 eggs per week! 

From then on the business kept growing and with it my Facebook page.

I now sell on average a few thousand eggs per week, This is amazing as it only started from a dozen eggs.
All the hens are free range and go out in the day from first light and go in when it gets dark.
The colour of the yolk is really golden because they are so fresh, they are only a few days old when a customer receives them.

On top of this I am still doing my A levels, studying business studies, applied science, ICT and Welsh Bac.
I have never ever been the brightest pupil within the school and got told by a few teachers that I would fail my GCSE’s and be lucky if I worked in Tesco!

This motivated to become something greater, instead of wasting my life away. This is why I say ‘ Anything is possible if you work hard at it’ as hard work pays in the long term.

Furthermore I was bullied and still being named called because I sold eggs and started my own business. Luckily I don’t care about people’s opinion’s within school as this would of stopped my dreams. 

I asked myself last year if I started this business and failed,
what would I lose? I don’t have Children, Mortgage or a Car. All I would lose is the clothes off my back. I know from a young age that success is hard and you have to wait to achieve it but if you do what you love, its worth the wait. However hustle hard and just do it , is a phase that I stand by.

I was amazed by his story. More young people should have this attitude, I hope my sons do!

Welsh Mummy Blogs family got to review a tray of these tasty eggs. They were delivered to my home in Llandaff North.

First thing I noticed was the size of them! Most store bought eggs are smaller in size, Mother Hen Eggs are huge! My husband picked the largest one, he wanted a fried egg straight away.
I cracked the egg and saw the rich, golden coloured yolk. It didn’t have any red bits in it meaning that the chicken was not disturbed.

The eggs tasted amazing. I made scrambled eggs, fried and an omelette. Each meal was perfection. I also used the eggs to make cakes and pancakes. Everyone commented on how delicious my cakes tasted,  I thought they were the best cakes I had made in a while! The golden egg yolk mixed beautifully and when cooked, my cakes tasted fresh and soft.

Mother Hen Eggs deliver to homes and business around South Wales.

Mother Hen Eggs can be found on Facebook CLICK HERE 

If you want to purchase some Mother Hen Eggs please call – 07925921552 or contact through the Facebook page.

Receive a tray of 30 eggs for just £7 when you quote – MUMBLOG 




  1. Julie stilwell

    Bee buying from chandler for a while now……beautiful eggs and outstanding service…….many thanks chandler from julie and family

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