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Christmas is coming, its time to stock up on food and drink for family and friends who will be visiting over the festive period.

I was browsing the shelves in my local supermarket for snacks, chocolate and drinks ready to hide away in my Christmas cupboard.

I had drinks and food for guests and then I thought…hmmm what shall I buy for me!

As most of my readers know, I dont drink alcohol. I have not drank in three years and Christmas for me can still be a pain.

I was on a mission to find some warm drinks for me. Alcohol free drinks dont have to be boring. I selected a few drinks to try from my local supermarket. I put them to the test, here are my reviews.


My top winter drinks 2016.

Salted Caramel Green Tea – Twinings 

This tea was sweet but somehow slightly salty. Fresh tasting, yet somehow rich and warming with indulgent notes of caramel. If you love the idea of green tea, but also like the sweeter things in life, this may be the blend for you. Best enjoyed without milk. All natural ingredients, sugar-free and only 4 calories a cup.

Gingerbread Green Tea – Twinings 

I got excited when I saw this one on the shelf. I love gingerbread. It has the sweet aroma of a traditional cake shop the tangy warmth of gingerbread, baked to perfection. With real ginger pieces and natural golden syrup flavour. Yummy but dont leave brewing for to long as it spoils the delicate taste. Always enjoy without milk. All natural ingredients, sugar-free and only 4 calories a cup.

Ribena – Limited Edition Winter Spice.

The first Ribena specifically designed to be drunk hot, Ribena’s signature blackcurrants have been infused with nutmeg, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon. It tastes like a mild non-alcoholic mulled wine that can be kept and stored for longer periods of time. My sons both enjoyed a warm cup with me and they give this winter drink a big thumbs up! I like it but had to add quite a bit of Ribena as its quite mild.

Tesco Finest – Vanilla Chai Tea

A delicately scented blend of black tea, ginger, cinnamom, cardamom and cloves, with the creamy taste of vanilla. This tea is my favourite so far. Its Christmas in a Cup! Its warming and cosy; it make my house smell great too. I have even got the hubster drinking this. He is not one for flavoured teas and all that jazz and even he approves.

Follow my blog to see what other Christmas inspired food, drinks and cleaning products I will be putting to the test this year.


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