Furry Friends watch – Finally a watch my son keeps on!!

My four year old son Ethan loves a wear a watch, I think it has something to do with his dad wearing a watch. He cant quite tell the time just yet but I believe him wearing a watch is helping him while he learns to tell the time.

We were sent some fun watches recently the Furry Friends Watch

Furry Friends watches are very eye catching, with their bright and bold colours, these watches are real head turners.

The watches were founded in the City of Bath by Daniel and Elizabeth Daly. Their overall mission is to make quality children’s products that are both fashionable and fun.

These watches defiantly live up to that!

Ethan was instantly attracted to the watches and put one on straight away. The watches have 6 different characters; Blinky, Chomp, Ditzy, Kooky, Spike and Zany. Ethan wanted to wear Spike – the happy looking monster who can eat a whole packet of chocolate biscuits and likes to brush his teeth twice a day….yes each monster watch comes with ts own character story and personality.

As I said before Ethan loves to wear a watch. He wears one to school but usually ends up coming home with his watch in his pocket. Ethan’s teacher has told me that his watch falls off a lot – even his child size leather strap watch.

The Monster watch has a very snug fit with room for movement. Ethan kept the watch on all day in school with no problems. I think this is due to the soft rubber strap and accurate child sizing this watch did not come lose or fall off throughout the day.

We are very happy with this watch and would highly recommend.

If you want to try a Furry Friends Watch please head over to the Furry Friends Shop and take advantage of a Welsh Mummy Blogs special offer.

We have limited time offer to buy a watch for £8.99 instead of RRP £12.99.

Enter offer code MONSTER3 at the checkout. Offers ends 15th January 2017.

Why not check them out on Facebook too!!

We received 2 complimentary watches for an honest review.

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