Ghost The Musical Review – Kinetic Theatre School Has Wowed Me Again


We were given complimentary Kinetic Ghost The Musical tickets for an honest review

I was due to have this post out last week, however, I was struck with the flu so apologies for my late review.

Last week Welsh Daddy and I attended a performance we will never forget. Ghost The Musical performed by Kinetic Theatre School at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, was simply amazing.

Ghost, the romantic fantasy thriller film starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg is one of my favourite films.

If you have never seen the movie (I mean, how could you have not!) we follow the story of Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen, a couple who are deeply in love. They buy a large loft apartment and hope to fill it with memories and love. There is only one problem, Sam finds it hard to tell Molly that he loves her and instead says ‘Ditto’. The first scene see’s them moving into there loft apartment with help from the couples friend Carl Bruner.

Sam, the high powered banker, is played by Jack Williams and Molly, an artist, is played by Sophie Baker. They both play the loved up pair with ease, they perfectly complimented each others singing voice and within the first few scenes had the audience in the palm of there hands. We felt the love on stage and admired the love fueled relationship that Molly and Sam shared. I think the audience even felt a little uncomfortable as spare tyre (and friend) Carl floated around the pair.

One night the couple are out late and they are attacked, Sam tries to give the mugger money but the mugger is only interested in taking Sam’s wallet. In a struggle a shot is fired, a shot which literally made the audience jump out of there seats, and Sam is left lifeless on the floor. With Molly begging Sam to not leave here, Sam stays on Earth in the form of a ghost.

We follow the talented young cast as they play out the heart wrenching scenes with confidence and an understanding which usually comes with life experience. We watched as Sam noticed the only people that were talking to him in the hospital was two ghosts played by the talented Callum Lush and Ieuan Davies. I started to weep as Sam realised he was a ghost and he could no longer communicate with an upset Molly.

After the hospital scene we watch a helpless Molly try to get her head around the whole ordeal. Sophie Baker sang ‘With You’ a beautiful tearjerker of a song which I will admit had me crying. Sophie’s voice was out of this World, I could feel the strong emotion as she sang each line. It was my favorite song of the performance.

Sophie Baker

Sam lost in his new world feels angry and sad after he learns his death was in fact a murder for some passwords he had in his wallet. Sam feels unnoticed, that is until he finds fake psychic Oda Mae Brown played by the marvelous Rhian Holmes. Oda Mae Brown is a charlatan pretending to commune with spirits of the dead who is shocked to discover her true psychic gift when she can hear Sam speaking.

Rhian Holmes was fantastic at portraying the loud Oda Mae Brown, she brought a comical aspect to the performance but also knew how to belt out a few tunes! She was talented beyond her years with her singing, acting and dancing abilities. Rhian really had the audience’s full attention whenever she entered the stage. Oda Mae was my favorite character of the night.

Now with Oda Mae Brown on his side, Sam can try to tell Molly that she is in danger.

Everything about the performance was amazing. It was the most emotionally engaging performance I think Kinetic has ever performed. The set was fantastic with each scene creating the perfect setting. The stage direction and choreography was outstanding. The young performers really are magnificently talented in singing, acting and dance.

I particularly enjoyed the subway ghost scene where Sam asks a ghost for help. This scene had the front row audience bouncing in there seats as props flew about the stage and of course Ethan Davies who played the subway ghost was suburb.


And who could forget the very talented Taylor Morris who portrayed Carl Bruner. I really enjoyed his ability to play the bad guy as I have only ever seen him play a goodie! I think this performance showed just how able the actors are at portraying an array of characters.

The cast!!

Like I said, this performance was out of this World! I enjoyed every minute of it!

If you ever get a chance to watch a Kinetic performance, do it!!

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