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Recommend to me by many of my friends on Facebook who had seen I was looking to review some handmade gifts for my Handmade Christmas Gift Guide 2016. I recently started talking to a wonderfully talented mum named Stevie.

Stevie Roberts is mum of two boys aged 4 and 7 years old.  Stevie runs a little business called Made by Stevie.

Stevie say’s “I’ve only been running it since Christmas 2014 and it started with me making my own cornstarch ornaments with my boys in the kitchen” She says “I’ve always had a love of pottery and clay”


When school mum’s suggested she started selling her ornaments Stevie grew more ideas and more customers. She say’s “I still make every item in my kitchen and I have a separate room to dry all my clay”

Stevie’s Handmade clay ornaments for are for all occasions. They can be personalised to order. Customers can choose the colours, names add twine and more. Customers can order single ornaments or sets.

Stevie makes a range of products from personalised Christmas tree decorations to family garlands all based around clay. Her most popular design to date are Clay Photo Tile Frames.

The Welsh Mummy Blogs family had a photo shoot this summer with Sweet Whimsy Photography I sent six of my favourite pictures from this shoot to Stevie and let her work her magic.

I was blown away when I unwrapped my clay photo tile frame;  it is such a beautiful personalised keepsake.

I didn’t know pictures could be transferred to clay!


I have come to know Stevie quite well over our Facebook conversations, she is a lovely lady who has inspired me by her strength.

Stevie has hyermobility syndrome; also known as EDS. The older she gets the worse her condition will get. Making her ornaments keeps her busy, it gives her joints the exercise they need. Stevie says “I can make things for people, I enjoy to see them happy with a keepsake they can cherish” Keeping her hands busy will in time have a positive outcome.

If you would like to have a beautiful keepsake made or maybe you would like some personalised Christmas tree decorations this year please find Made by Stevie on Facebook



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I received a complimentary Clay Tile Photo Frame for an honest review.


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