KANO – Build Your Own Computer Kit

KANO build your own computer kit.

#AD We were recently gifted the KANO build your own computer kit.

So the UK has decided that all schools will be closed. Some schools will remain open to those who have parents that are key workers and to those who have a vulnerable child/children.

With majority of parents having to home school for the foreseeable future, parents are themselves making time tables of schooling activities.

I am sure I am not alone when I say that we have been giving some great resources from school, bloggers and other educational providers. But if you are looking for something educational and fun to do with your children, I highly recommend the KANO build your own computer kit.

The kit allows you to build a computer page-by-page. Children will have a blast connecting the board, buttons, bits and learning first hand how all the bits and bobs work together.

KANO build your own computer kit
Lets get building

The KANO build your own computer kit allows children to browse the internet, watch YouTube, use Whatsapp, Google Docs, and more.

With simple steps, and 100+ playful challenges, your child can learn how to type code, drag blocks, learn Python, JavaScript, and other Terminal commands.

The KANO build your own computer kit enables you to code pictures, build animations, and make musical masterpieces. The kit also allows you to take control of Minecraft and play with Google’s Song Maker. There really is nothing you can’t do!

“Kano is for all ages. Our youngest maker has been 4. Our oldest, over 80. If you can read, you can start. Build with a book. Learn code with simple steps. Play alone, or together.” KANO

The KANO build your own computer kit – Breakdown

KANO build your own computer kit.
Ethans home screen

Create art

Create characters, landscapes and geometric rainbows

Make new games

Take control of Pong and Snake, make something new.

Hack Minecraft

Take control of the 3D world by snapping together simple code blocks. Summon TNT towers, giant holes, lava waterfalls, and build huge castles with the press of a key.

KANO build your own computer kit.

Play with data

Make weather stations, sports tickers, news readers, and more.

Build animations

Make objects dance, race or shake. Make them interactive.

Make some noise

Make beats with a swipe of a finger on Google’s Song Maker.


Ethan had a great time building the KANO build your own computer kit, he got to grips with using the KANO far quicker than I did, I am not technicality minded and think this made a big difference.

Children today interact with technology far more than my generation ever did, and you will be surprised with how fast children will learn using the KANO build your own computer kit.

Ethan loves hacking Minecraft and Harrison enjoys using the Google Song Maker. Ethan has been learning about Graffiti Art in school, and therefore he has been having fun making street art by learning how to code brushes, sprays and shapes.

The KANO build your own computer kit is quite simply amazing, there is so much learn and do.

For more information on the KANO build your own computer kit, please head to – https://kano.me/uk

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