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Did you know you could quickly make your own phone case? Well I didn’t! I have always bought my phone cases from a shop and while shops have a wide range of cases, I have never admired a case as much as I do now.

Personalised items are becoming more and more popular. I have a few items myself, cushion covers, a calendar and even a photo frame, but never a phone case. Personalised items are unique gifts to give loved ones at Christmas or birthdays. They are great gifts to give any doting grandparent.

I recently ordered a personalised case from My Personalised Case. My Personalised case offers personalised phone cases at an affordable price. The site offers many options when it comes to designing your own case and the good news is, the website is easy to use and navigate.

The order process was simple and my phone was with me 3 days later.

When the case arrived I was excited to see how it had turned out. I was a little worried that the photos of my boys I had on the case would turn out grainy. My worry was put to rest fast as I opened the package to reveal a beautiful phone case. I was very happy with my order.


The case is hardwearing and made to the highest of quality. The inner rubber case is a secure fit for my phone, there is no risk of my phone falling out of the case – something that can happen when a phone case is poor quality.


Since using my personalised phone case I have had many positive remarks from friends, family and even strangers on the bus. All love how I included my blog name, Welsh Mummy Blogs into my case design. It really is a unique case.

Welsh Mummy Blogs Reader Offer –

For one week ONLY you can order your own personalised phone case with 10% OFF by using the offer code below –

Offer Code – MPC-PR-UK-WMB

Please visit www.mypersonalisedcase.co.uk

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