Make your home a safer place – Winter nights don’t mean you have to stay indoors

Lighting your home is obviously essential, how else would you cook, clean and live in the evenings, especially through winter when it’s dark roughly by 4pm. But lighting the exterior of our home might not exactly be essential, but it’s definitely something you should consider.

Outdoor lighting needn’t be expensive, and with a few simple additions you can transform how your exterior looks with the simple additions of porch, patio or flood lighting.

Adding exterior lighting to your home gives an extra layer of security, simply because there will be no dark spots in your land. Plus, if you install motion sensors, you’ll know when people or animals are approaching your property. It can be a little annoying if your sensor lighting is really sensitive, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re worried about the darkness around your home.

My garden is on two levels, I have steps leading up to the 2nd level of my garden. I keep my recycle and black bags in my shed which is on the 2nd level and when it comes to waste collection night I have often wondered why I have not invested in some outdoor lighting. Trying to juggle black bags and steps in the dark can be a pain and if it is raining the steps become slippery which could be dangerous.

Outdoor lighting is a great way for additional safety around your home, which is imperative if you have steps or sharp edges that you and your family could potentially harm yourselves on.

Outdoor lighting not only helps to keep you and your family safe it also creates a warming and inviting effect with the addition of porch lights, decking lights and brick lights to the outside of your home. These small additions create a beautiful ambiance that makes your home look attractive and welcoming.

We enjoy having family around ours, some family members are smokers so we ask them to smoke in the garden. In the winter months it gets dark early but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your outdoor space when the sun goes down. Solar-powered lights, decking and patio lighting can make the perfect addition to enjoy this area after hours.

Again there are choices to make, will it be background lighting or accent. You might want to highlight certain areas, or just keep things more subdued with a scattering of smaller lights around the place.

So whether you want to shine a light on your whole house, or highlight specific areas with spotlights, using lighting on the exterior is the perfect way to highlight the amazing parts of your home. You can also use it as a means of disguising the parts you don’t particularly like too.

Remember to make the best of what you have with things like drive way lighting, bollard or spike lighting.

Have you added any exterior lighting to your home? Please leave comments below, I would love to hear what you have done!


  1. Tim Yaotome

    Since you mentioned that adding outdoor lighting can help keep everyone in a house safe from steps and sharp edges, what about indoor lights? My aunt wants to replace all the lamps inside her home as she finds it too dark now due to her failing eyesight. Thanks to your article, I will find her light shops in our area to get new lights from so that not only will it help her see her house better but also help decrease her chances of getting injured inside and outside the home.

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