Milkshake! Live – Milkshake Monkey’s Musical Review

Milkshake! Live - Milkshake Monkey's Musical

Welsh Mummy Blogs received Milkshake Monkey’s Musical press tickets in-exchange for an honest #review.

Milkshake! Monkey’s Musical is a Brand New all singing, all dancing preschool musical extravaganza. Starring Channel 5’s iconic Milkshake! Monkey, from acclaimed kids’ TV writer Miranda Larson.

Last weekend the Welsh Mummy Blogs family enjoyed a trip to the Wales Millennium centre, Cardiff Bay. We were going to review Milkshake! Live – Milkshake Monkey’s Musical.

My youngest son doesn’t usually go to the theatre with the family. He is only 4 years old and a 2 hour performance is just too much for him. That is why I was so happy when I heard Milkshake! Live – Milkshake Monkey’s Musical, was on tour. My 4 year old son, Harrison, is a huge Milkshake fan! He was so excited when I told him we were attending the event.

Milkshake! Monkey can’t wait to put on a spectacular new musical for you all! But when stage fright hits, his favourite Milkshake! friends come to help, creating the most dazzling Milkshake! show families will ever see!

Starring alongside the much loved Milkshake! Monkey will be two channel presenters as well as Fireman Sam, Noddy, Shimmer & Shine, Digby Dragon, Wissper, Nella the Princess Knight and Floogals.

The theatre was packed with families patiently awaiting the start of the show.  As soon as the curtains rolled back, my sons eyes lit up! Milkshake! monkey, along with two Milkshake! presenters welcomed everyone to the Wales Millennium Centre.

Milkshake! Live - Milkshake Monkey's Musical

Milkshake! Monkey had a musical show to put on, but due to his stage fright, he enlisted the help of some well known Milkshake! characters.

As soon as a new character came onto the stage, the audience went wild! Each character helped Milkshake! Monkey with his show, and each character had a song to sing. The presenters invited everyone to join in and before I knew it, children and parents were dancing to the music.

Milkshake! Live - Milkshake Monkey's Musical

Harrison was having the time of his life! I have never seen him so engrossed with a performance. He didn’t moan once! I took a look around and noticed other young children were captivated by the performance, just as Harrison was. I also think Harrison was a little star struck, as he watched his favourite Milkshake! characters on stage.

With the show being only 1hr 25 minutes long, including a 20 minute interval, It was the perfect length of time for youngsters.

Milkshake! Live - Milkshake Monkey's Musical

The highlight of the performance, for both children and adult, was Fireman Sam!! As soon as Milkshake! Monkey said the stage lights had caught fire, Fireman Sam was to the rescue!!! The smoke effects were brilliant, Harrison actually believed there was a fire on stage!

After Fireman Sam heroically saved the day, Milkshake! Monkey could get on with his show. His stage fright had been dealt with (with the help of friends) The lights were fixed, the music was ready, now it was time to party!!

The musical show was suburb. The characters who helped Milkshake! Monkey returned to sing some songs. The Milkshake! presenters, along with some dancers, kept the audience involved whilst they danced. I was really impressed by the presenters, they did a fantastic job, they had so much energy! I felt tired watching them!

Milkshake! Live - Milkshake Monkey's Musical

It really was a brilliant show, Harrison loved every minute of it!

The Milkshake! Live – Milkshake Monkey’s Musical tour is still running. To find out where and when you can catch it, please click the link –

There will be more child friendly productions coming to the Wales Millennium Centre soon, these include, Madagascar The Musical, Annie, and The Nativity! The Musical. Tickets sell fast, book now to avoid disappointment –

Pictures courtesy of WMC.



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