My Magic Pyjamas – Banish the night time terrors #AD

We were recently sent My Magic Pyjamas to review #AD

Every child goes through a stage of nightmares or worries before bed. My eldest son suffered from night terrors as a toddler and as he has grown up they have eased off. Now my boys have ‘normal’ worries before bed, my youngest thinking there is a monster under the bed or a spider.

These Pyjamas are the perfect solution to solving bed time worries. In the beautiful presentation box you have an empowering storybook accompanied by a set of Pyjamas.

My Magic Pyjamas is based on a story book which magically introduces…‘Magic Pyjamas’ containing very clever features including ‘Glow-in-the-Dark patches’, ‘Dream-Catchers’, a ‘Worry Pocket’ and an ‘Invisibility Button’.

The book, written by award winning author Richie Conroy, tells the story of a child called Cat, whose dreams turned to nightmares but overcomes her night fears by finding Nana Lou’s ‘Magic Pyjamas’ with the ‘Googly Eyes’. Cat cleverly used the pyjamas to banish the night time terrors and sleep through the night.

The boys loved the story of Cat banishing her nightmare monsters with her pyjamas. They felt invincible going to bed kitted out with their invisibility button and worry pocket.

The pyjamas are of high quality fabric and are comfortable to wear. They are bright and easy to wash. I’ve washed them a fair few times and they still look new.

We highly recommend.

For more information, please visit – My Magic Pyjamas (Age 6-8) | Childrens Toys | Webbs Garden Centre (

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