Panto 2018 – Jack & the Beanstalk Review

Apologies for Welsh Mummy Blogs being quiet lately, my laptop decided to stop working right before Christmas!! I have had reviews due to go out so again apologies if you are reading this and waiting on a review. I am currently borrowing my Sister in laws laptop.

A few days before Christmas, the Welsh Mummy Blogs family headed to the Park and Dare Theatre in Treorchy. We were off to see Jack & the Beanstalk!!

Written and directed with Fee, Fi Fo, Fun in mind, Richard Tunley has completely twisted the traditional tale and turned it into a panto fit for all ages.

Jack and the Beanstalk tells the tale of poor Jack, sent to market by his mother to sell the family’s treasured cow. Little does he know that swapping dear Daisy for a bag of magic beans will lead to an adventure he will never forget!

The play starts with a nasty character, Fleshcreep.  He works for the giant who likes to eat humans!! The giant lives on Cloud City.

Cloud City is high up in the clouds, way above the little humans that live below.  Fleshcreep does everything the giant asks.  One day the giant decides he wants to eat King Crumble for his pudding.

So begins the story, we then watch how King Crumble has to change his identity in order to hide from the giant. Frantically looking for a disguise they come to an agreement that the only person who won’t be missed is Mrs Trot who is away on a booze cruise to Merthyr!

With a little help from Fairy Flora, King Crumble is ‘with magic’ made to believe that he actually is Mrs Trot.

We follow the story as Fleshcreep searches for King Crumble. Along the way the audience is greeted with comedy, shocks and great songs. I almost wet myself from laughing so much at one scene.

We watch as Fleshcreep takes advantage of people and how Jack shows his strength, determination and protection of those he loves.

It was by far the best panto I have seen in a long while. I loved how the story was written with the welsh in mind, hearing Welsh sayings such as “be there now in a minute” and “over here, by there” made us feel like part of the show!

The actors were cast well. All had the wow factor that the audience craved.

Jack was played by Maxwell James. Maxwell took on the role of Jack with ease. Like someone out of a Disney movie, Jack was our strong prince charming with dark hair, broad shoulders and a deep voice, he really wooed the ladies in the audience.

With charisma and charm, Jack was a favorite character of mine. I loved his singing and his ability to work with other cast members. He was everything you could want from a leading man, funny, talented and charming.

Jack’s love interest in the tale was Princess Apricot. Princess Apricot Crumble was portrayed by Jemima Nicholas. Princess Apricot was a quirky, lovable character who craved the love of Jack. Throughout the performance she showed bravery and courage. Even when captured by Fleshcreep Princess Apricot showed us she was a fighter through and through.

Fleshcreep was the one you BOOED at during the panto. Fantastically played by Lee Gilbert, Fleshcreep really was a creep. Lee portrayed this character like a true professional and had the audience captivated and intrigued.

Fairy Flora was played by Clare Hingott. Claire amazed me with her beautiful singing voice. Every time she appeared on stage the audience cheered with joy. Her stage presence was amazing, she was amazingly professional throughout the performance.

I will admit, I had two actors that really caught my attention.

Firstly, that of Ryan Owen, Ryan played Jacks brother, Tommy Trot. The character was full of energy and life. He had the audience in fits of laughter. I truly believe this character would have been portrayed different if it was not for the lovable Ryan Owen who took on the role.

Secondly, the amazing “Jack of all trades” Richard Tunley who not only wrote and directed this truly amazing panto, but starred in it too!! Richard portrayed the character of King Crumble who is then made to believe he is Mrs Trot.

Richard brought fun, laughter and silliness to the performance along with some rather fetching dresses! He was my husbands favorite character.

All in all it was an absolute fantastic afternoon at the theatre. I am really looking forward to attending next year where we have been invited to a very special ball.

For more information about whats on in the New Year at RCT Theatres please click here 


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