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Last year I made a massive mistake.

For years I had been dying my hair black, I loved the colour but as soon as my roots started to appear I would have to dye them and every fortnight was damaging my scalp. Ginger roots and black hair was a big NO NO!!

So after my wedding I decided to get rid of my black hair once and for all. I decided to get a half head of highlights; after my hair looked a little lighter but it was not solving the problem of my roots! When booking my next appointment I asked for a BLEACH BATH!

Yes I was mad but in my defence Olaplex had just come on the shelves and my Salon had it!  It took hours and hours but the bleaching worked. My hair felt okay and all the black was lifted safely thanks to the Olaplex.

What is Olaplex –

Fast forward a year and the ends of my hair are awful. I have naturally wavy hair and since having my hair bleached, my hair is more frizz than wave.

I have tried everything to try tame the ends but with my love of straightening I have been fighting a losing battle.

Recently I was asked to try Naturtint Vital 5 Hair Mask.


VITAL 5 HAIR MASK is formulated with wheat and a natural protein complex to recover hairs lost vitality. Exclusive Protein Protective Coating technology ensures the cuticles are protected whilst the hair is repaired from the deepest layers.

The five vital benefits are;

1. Intense Repair – Hydrolysed wheat proteins repair the cuticles, close split ends & reduce hair breakage.

2. Strengthen from within – Hydrolysed vegetable proteins regenerate the hair structure from the cortex.

3. Moisturise – By helping to maintain the correct water balance, the hair is protected from sudden dehydration as a result of exposure to extremely dry environments or styling tools.

4. Heat Protection – Vitamin E from Canola Oil and phytosterols from Shea Butter protect the hair colour from free radicals.

5. Soften & shine – repairs the hairs structure & strengthens the cuticles.

It is recommended that you use as a weekly or fortnightly treatment or as often as your hair requires. Vital 5 is free from parabens, silicone and SLS.

I thought this product was amazing, after one use my hair had life again! My usually coarse, brittle hair was transformed into shiny, soft, manageable hair that I have missed for a long time! It smells good to which is a plus haha.

I’ve had many compliments about my hair since I started to use this product…even my DAD said how nice and shiny my hair looked.

This product is great for keeping frizz at bay – I was caught in the rain picking up my son from school and usually by the time I get to the school gates I resemble Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries.


You will not get this with Vital 5

Instead my hair was smooth with some wave once it dried from the rain.


Naturtint sell a whole range of products from hair colourants to styling products, find out more here –

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I was given a complimentary 200ml hair mask for an honest review.

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